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 Esoteric Insight (open)

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PostSubject: Esoteric Insight (open)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:03 pm

My story in this begins in a bar,where all sinners all end up at.The world was unkind and only a selected few have ever seen the true face of it. I'm one of those selected few, I am a fighter of sorts. A Unrealistic man with intelligence, and a odd seance of humor. The world frowns upon people like me, no one sees what we fighters are put through so they can have entertainment.Some one once asked me what my life was like, I just told them that it was empty like space. But that's ok, they pay so I can blow my money and cheap hookers and expansive alcohol, and the sweet aroma of cigars.

My time is spent at bars, but when im not there im walking alone along the streets looking for information that might make me famous. But for right now, im sitting alone in a bar writing down what my life is about. Now to let you fully understand who I am I will began with the day I bumped into some strange people. I sat in a bar downing as much brandy as there was water in the world, well just you get the point, I was getting drunk. The room was filled with smoke and the aroma of urine,since no one knows how to piss the correct way.

My eyes adjusted to the surroundings around me, men and women laughed and told stories. The room was crowded, it was only three and no one seemed to care. My back was up against the seat, as I searched the room for any one of real worth. No one seemed to pass the bill, deciding it was about time to leave I walked towards the entrance. Slapping my money on the bar table, I walked out leaving a generous tip for the tender, who had taken good care of me. Opening the door to the outside was like staring into a mirror reflecting a light bulb. I had to close my eyes, the sunlight just hurt to much. My iris couldn't retract to adjust to the amount of light being shown outside.

The streets where crowded as people ran around buying and selling useless items. My mind was slightly altered at this time, since the spirits where taking effect. This was the first time I ever thought so ill about the world, im usually a happy guy. Lately my mind has been clouded with some old text's from book, I'm not going to bore any one with the full information. I had began my walk down the side street which was leading me to the center of the city.
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PostSubject: Re: Esoteric Insight (open)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:29 pm

It would be her luck that she would be tossed into this utterly confusing place, with the noise and the total chaos that soaked her mind completely. Taking a few moments to catch her bearings, she finally opened her mind to the earth beneath her feet. It felt tired but then again, most earth would after being tortured like it has been with the city on top of it and the movement under it from the drows. Shaking her head, the mage walks through the town as she hears comments from oh goodness to wow look at her. A few rude comments from the men based probably on her state of dress. It was different than most of the robes that mages wear. Hers was a thin black fabric with enchanted armor pieces that allow her to cast her spells with little or no side affects.

Her top was a bit revealing and yet it covered all that needed to be covered. It sits high on her neck to just below her nipple before it‘s rather held in place due to the heavy armor and the singular piece sitting between the breasts and goes around each breast. Seven inches or so below the top was a belt with a single brown, earth colored gem in the center of it. Around her hip area sit’s a belt that holds a talisman made of metal and colored wood. It hangs down and is also used to secure the fabric around her body. Just below the belt itself was two leather straps that connected to the thighs securing the panels of fabric that drop down from the belt seem to purposely miss her thighs and starts to curve around and up to cover her derriere. On the main belt itself, was hoops of metal that secured what appeared to be magically lit lamps. Four of them to be exact. The sway from side to side some as she walks. The light wasn’t bright, just enough to cast many shadows, if it was night time. The bottom of the skirt was ragged from her walking all over the place. On the exposed skin from the side of her thighs and up to that belt that holds the earth gem was what appeared to be flames. Flames that are tattooed upon her body. The colors are muted and if the skirt was moved, the flames wrap all the way around her leg just above her knees only to meld into what would be a representation of earth. All the way down to her feet.

A deep purple cloth is wrapped around her eyes tightly as the length of her black hair covers most of the fabric but when she moves her head, glimpse of the knot of fabric could be seen. As she walks, each step is almost calculated before she started to turn the corner. Trees helped a lot as far as where things were. Granted the buildings were massive black zones, which helped even more. Feeling the heat of the sun on her body, she stops at the corner of a building. By the nearby scent, it had to be a tavern. Drunken people loosing control of their ability to pee and just goes where they thing is good. Also the overwhelming scent of alcohol flooded her nose as she starts to walk. Taverns were over rated anyways as a few people bumped into her causing her balance to become shoddy. A hand going out towards the ground as what appears to be a root flow up and touches her palm. Steadying herself, she pushes up and gets back upon her two feet. The root itself wasn‘t broken just up and in the shape of a ‘n‘ almost before it goes back into the ground and the dirt over it fills up as if it was never touched. Last thing she needs is to be trampled so she decides to follow someone, someone that just started to leave the tavern area, or at least that is what it seemed to be.

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PostSubject: Re: Esoteric Insight (open)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:14 pm

As I drew near the center of the city, I noticed that some one was trailing behind me. I did not know the person let alone wish to assume they where following me about. I grunted a little bit and continued walking, people continued to bump in to me but I ignored them as best as I could. The fabric of my clothing was obvious I was not from around here and I was not sure about the laws. My two holster that held my a mana based guns bounced off my arse as I took each step. I stopped after a bit and looked around searching for any thing that might catch my interest and take my mind off the unjustified ideals of mankind and it's sinful ways. My eye's drifted around catching buildings, signs and other objects that might seem interesting.

Some thing did catch my interest, a small shop with what looked to be junk had just opened and a old women was busy moving stuff about in her store. Smiling I moved towards the shop to see if any thing of value lay hidden in the shop that might have been over looked. Pushing the door of the shop open I walked in, my iris's adjusted to the dim light that came only from the shops windows. The old women looked at me and smiled, her face was tanned and full of wrinkles, teeth where missing in her mouth and her hair was shaggy and long. Smiling back I moved away from here and began looking about the aisle's of junk.

(I'll get a better post in next time)
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PostSubject: Re: Esoteric Insight (open)   Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:05 pm

Following this… man, which the only way she deducted that reasoning was the way he walked on the ground. Granted, could also be a female with armor placed upon her body. She was willing to mistake gender since it happens all the time with her. It‘s hard in current times to decide what is what when it comes to pressure upon the earth. Before, it used to be easier. Males had the heavy footfalls versus the females, with the light ones due to not needing armor or weapons. Those were the times. With the person stumbling around, she could tell that people weren‘t being friendly either. Must be more bumping into. Thoroughly lost now, she only had dark spots of buildings to go on and the living color of Mother Earth, which in her eyes was a soft and flowing green wave of energy. Stopping approximately ten or so feet from the place the person entered, she listens to those around her and takes in the scents about her. Not being able to place what this shop is about, she turns around and heads in the direction to get something to eat. At least that was always easy to find.

The thought of having no currency finally hit her only three steps from where she stopped. What could she possibly do to make enough currency to get herself some food for today. Normally, she would be traveling and an animal would be her meal. This is why she stayed away from towns and cities. She tries to think if there was something, quick and easy to do that would pay well, but alas, nothing came to her mind. Shoulders dropping, she realized she doesn‘t have much of a talent to work on, or does she? Walking a few more steps towards more of the market place, she walks over to a good enough spot where there would be enough room for her to work. Between the blacksmith‘s workshop and the armor seller, she stands there and listens. After a while, she starts to speak in arcane and starts to cast a spell.

Lowering down, she creates three rocks, a bit smaller than the palm of her hand and roughly spherical. Holding two in one and one in the other palm, palms evenly apart, the rocks catches fire. Listening carefully, she managed to pick some music playing out in the distance of the town as her hips start to shift side to side all the while, she begins to juggle the three burning rocks. The center of the rocks were white while tails of red and yellow flicker off of the ends. Juggling and dancing, two things she knew how to do, but we will see how well it pays. The dancing movements, were more or less along the lines of belly dancing as far as the hip movements. It wasn’t really flirtatious movements, but ones that could be semi-impressive, or at least to her they were, since normally she has two left feet. She didn‘t need a lot of money, just enough for a day or two worth of food incase she can‘t get out of this city in that amount of time.

((Your posting is perfectly fine.))
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PostSubject: Re: Esoteric Insight (open)   Sat May 01, 2010 10:33 am

(( Lelenia is still on the forum, just under this ID. Will use it to post from now unless told to remove it.))
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PostSubject: Re: Esoteric Insight (open)   

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Esoteric Insight (open)
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