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 Looking Glass

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PostSubject: Looking Glass   Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:30 pm

The path was long and narrow, for Ethan scraped his flaying limbs more than once against the earthen walls. Soon his arms were tucked close to his side and legs pulled to his chest so that he resembled a cannon-ball, rocketing further into the pitch black darkness. It was getting harder and harder to rely on common sight, thus with a blink, a spectrum of colors appeared before his eyes. He could see flamboyant hues swirling about, growing brighter with every feet he descended, testament of the magick lurking underground; the world was covered in a blue film, giving the boy an idea of the temperature. He didn't know how long he was falling, or how fast, or when he'd land. He just knew it’d come, and that he was throwing himself into another adventure. His senses were tingling in reaction to the magick in the terrain, and soon an aroma reached his sensitive nostrils; breathing deeply, he braced for the fall, mentally scolding himself for having dove head-first.

"I’ll bet you do that a lot.”
”Do what?”
“Diving into things head-first."
“No. Well, maybe.”
“Well, now you know to not dive into the ground head-first.”
“Yeah, I’ll remember that.”

Ethan broke through the earth, and clenched his eyes shut, for he knew the impact would be disastrous. The increasing velocity, as well as the position, could probably break his neck. But above him, a bright net erupted, tossed around the boy to slow him, and ultimately cushion the crash. His face still hurt when it bashed into the dirt, but he was largely unharmed. Remembering that ‘anon would soon land from the same orifice, he rolled aside whilst the resplendent net faded, getting absorbed back into the blade that hovered beside him. He was on his back, breathing deeply as his eyes adjusted to the darkness; soon he glanced to his sword, and a dash of humor fell over his lips, manifested in the wide grin that stretched his flesh. Dusting himself off, he pushed himself to his knees, crouching there whilst he gleaned in the surroundings.

It was fairly dark, save for the lavender lights peeking out from the stone structures, with men and women as dark as ‘anon strolling about, carrying items and all sorts of eccentricities. All the buildings were masterfully sculpted of hardened earth, looming majestically over him. Placing his palms to the ground, he searched for the intimate connection he often had with the geography, and soon caught it like a fluttering thread. Although this territory was largely unfamiliar to the boy, he would be able to adapt, especially with a new weapon, and his affinity for the earth. But judging from the superficiality of the denizen’s attire, he would have to replace his tunic and pants if he wanted to fit in, unnoticed. But that’s highly unlikely, with his stark white hair and pale skin.

Soon Ethan was on his feet, and shifting uncomfortably from the glances of those that saw his fall, he peered accusingly at his blade. The grin returned to display his cheerful mood, and as he ran about the scene with wildly waving arms, bouncing energetically to take in the details of his new environment, he exchanged messages telepathically with his brethren good-naturedly.

“At least I didn’t shed blinding light on a place used to the dark.”
“At least I’m not running around and..”

“Weeeeeeeeeee! Wow!!”
“..Violating the people’s peace.”
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:53 pm

The land had shifted under them, and the crawling over the ground had now become falling. She knew it would happen, eventually. 'anon's hand quickly slid down and she removed the ruby belt from around her hips. It became a whip in her hands, and she wrapped the golden threads around her wrist. She knew Ethan would find a way to stop himself, the boy wasn't stupid. But in the mean-time, she'd have to worry about slowing herself down. She waited, her feet pressing from one side of the tunnel to another. The pressure was enough to aid in slowing her down, but she removed her feet from the sides of the tunnel fast enough for her shoes to not be completely eroded. And there they were, the roots of the olden trees, hanging just out of the tunnel.

She saw Ethan fall, and get captured by his magical net. How sweet.

Her feet pressed to the edge of the tunnel, and her body pushed back, flipping over so she would come out head first. Her back bent, and she whipped the string and ruby out. The ruby got caught between the branches, followed by the golden threads. 'anon swung her body along with the whip, so her arm wouldn't get pulled off from the impact. She slowed herself down, and then slid down the golden whip, landing gently with her feet upon the ground.

'anon yanked the belt back from the roots high above, and quickly wrapped it around her waist, hiding the ruby beneath her skirts. She would let Ethan run up ahead, get himself killed for all she cared. The drow worshiped control and discipline, and most of all - calculation. And she calculated that if Ethan was to be punished for disrupting the peace, at least a dozen drow soldiers would be there for the capturing, and she would not face off with a dozen of her own kind.

'anon moved faster than him, her feet able to carry her at such speed that she would become nothing but a mere blur to the human eye. But she would have to be quite slow for Ethan, yet still keep ahead so that he may follow. They were heading towards the home of an alchemist, an old friend - per se.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:14 pm

"Oh my god, what's this? How about this? Holy cow! Look!" Ethan was sprinting about in a most random manner, at times bouncing up as if suddenly jolted. With each new discovery, his arms were thrown high above his head with eyes flown wide, and his expression shewed his wonder at 'anon's homeland. He was so loud, in fact, that some of the other drows that trudged about glanced his way menacingly with teeth bared, and he simply waved to them cheerfully, enthused to visit a land only told of in fairytales. His blade stalked after him, bobbing solemnly beside the curious boy as he examined the curios of this land, at times stepping too close to the onxy-skinned specimens nearby, which caused them to snarl; more than once, the sheath batted him on the head gently, as if urging him to quiet down as to not elicit trouble. But he ignored it, and seemed like a child given a new, unique toy.

Soon he was satisfied, and turned towards 'anon with a grin that would've sparkled with joy if it could; she managed to save herself with some sort of whip, and he squinted, deciding that he'd have to try that soon. He was beside her in an instant, and once she begun moving, he grabbed for his sheath. Swinging himself up awkwardly until his backside was on its surface, he grasped on, swaying unsteadily. His legs were swinging out gaily, and the blade carried him forward, at a pace not far behind his companion's. He was humming some off tune song, and as he fingered the intricate design of the sheath, as if noticing it for the first time, a serene smile was plastered on his face. It was as if he was taking a walk in the park, or performing some common business.

Smelling the blood on him, his brows creased in contemplation. Eventually his hand rose, dropped atop his pate, before a warmth flooded from his healed palm. The lines that once marked it would be obliterated, with the flesh scarred from the constant tearing, but he paid it no heed. He was in a merry mood, and nothing would ruin it. The blood that stained his once pure white hair faded, as if sucked away, and those pale tendrils seemed cleaner than they had been, in a long while. Dropping the hand back to rest on his blade, messages were relayed back and forth to create a conversation. It was the sort of pleasant talk that one would have with a long lost friend, about one's day, or the weather. Ethan was not ready to speak of that fateful night, when both of them lost everything; for now, he would bask in the presence of his elder sibling.

"Where're we going?"
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Wed Apr 08, 2009 3:28 pm

'anon seemed to ignore the child, each movement, each curious question, each excited laugh as he spotted something new. This was a new world for him, and for her as well - she was not of this place, though she knew some of the creatures taking residence there. Her undercity was far different, much more beautiful - though it now lay in ruins. 'anon remembered the few people that lived here, people for whom her family had paid to travel and teach her, along with the other daughters. The sons, of course, were denied such luxuries.

"Just trust me." 'anon replied to his question, her voice bearing a new-found dominance and security. It seemed she was different in this place, a new person. But who this new person was, even she was unsure of. But she knew what she had to do, and the understanding that there was no other way filled her body up with energy. There was no need for the instinctive Flight reply to the adrenaline rush, all there was - was fight. And so she would.

The large wooden door was covered in runes, which she recognized to as barrier-forming. Poor Vharcan, he had to seal himself inside a worn-out house to guarantee his safety. It would block any attacks, but not a peaceful entry. After all, she meant no harm to the house. Dirty hand pushed out, and her fingers grasped the golden doorknob, pressing down on the release latch. The door opened, and she stepped inside, closing the door after Ethan.

"I won't ask you to come." 'anon spoke, and then brusquely turned away from the child and down the hallway. Another door was in her way, which she quickly opened – and left open. Vharcan was seated at his desk, various instruments strewn about the table, along with ink and pens and crumpled papers.

“Vel'bol xun dos ssinssrin? F'sarn bein!” Vharcan shouted as ‘anon approached, but she wore a pleasant smile and crawled over to his desk, her every movement perfectly designed as though a panther stalking its disbelieving pray.

“Vendui Vharcan, ajak uns'aa?” The young female whispered and slid over to the side, past the desk. “L' lotha 'anon xuil ilta tizzin?” The conversation was going normally, and the pleasant smile on her lips begged the elderly alchemist to give into the questioning. He grinned, revealing the misshapen teeth in his mouth.

“You and that ugly lizard..” He muttered, followed by a small laugh as his eyes flickered to the side. Vlos, her most trusted friend, lay in a cage with needles poked through his every limb. All were connected to tubes which then lead to different bottles, containing different substances. The damned beast was running tests on her Vlos.

‘anon joined him in the laugh, and it echoed throughout the room, booming louder and louder and louder – and then it ceased. Just like that. And the laughter was replaced by gurgling and hissing. ‘anon had been on the table in a flash, with her fingers dug deep inside the man’s throat. She curled them around his trachea, and then ripped it out in an instant. “Dosib t'zarreth resk'afar.” ‘anon hissed softly, and threw the detached trachea to the side. The man fell life-less to the floor and ‘anon slid over, lifting his body up in her arms. She kept the front of his body facing the floor as she walked, allowing the blood to drain in the shape of a circle, with multiple pentagrams and drow symbols on the inside of it. When the blood had been drained, ‘anon dropped him in the middle of it. “Vlos, come.”

She whispered to the lizard, and it tore at the needles and tubes with its strong jaws. It broke free of the cage and rushed to her. ‘anon leaned over, emotionless, blood and hatred in her eyes. But then it all changed. In an instant, the blood was drained from her eyes by black drops, small tears trickling down her cheeks. One. Two. Three. And then they stopped, and pressed her lips to the lizard’s head. “I’ll make you healthy again. I’ll make you better. Stronger. I promise.” The lizard nodded its head, understanding her as he always had. She lead him to the circle, and then stepped back.

‘anon took a deep breath, and her flesh began glowing as before, followed by the intensely bright ruby which she had now pulled out from between her skirts. She lifted the ruby up high, tearing it from the belt, and pushed it to the lizard’s forehead. The circle expanded upwards, the designs becoming 3D and bathing the room in light until nothing was noticeable anymore, until the force of the light was so blinding, that even the human would have to close his eyes and cover them. But she didn’t. Though it would burn her eyes, she kept them open and stared at the riding lizard, watching the ruby fixate itself into the animal’s forehead. The light turned into a sphere, and released all its energy on the inside, returning the room to its previous state. The corpse had been sacrificed, and the body of the lizard had been return to embryonic stage, then the light faded, and the sphere remained, floating in mid air as ‘anon closed her eyes.

Minutes passed, and with every second the creature developed. Limbs became evident, wings upon its back, spikes along its spine. ‘anon turned towards Ethan’s approximate position, and gave a sad smile. “He is… my only light.” She whispered, and opened the eyes which had now turned white, hidden by some sort of milky haze. ‘anon turned towards Vlos once more, and watched him break free of the embryo sac, landing on the floor with not even a sound. The young creature crawled awkwardly towards her, its wings pulling it off-balance, and dropped its head to her feet, nuzzling her legs. ‘anon laughed softly, allowing herself one moment of insecurity, one moment of weakness – because she knew Ethan wouldn’t take advantage of it.

Now she could be free.
At last.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:04 pm

Although Ethan was busy admiring this underground city, the subtle transformation in 'anon did not escape him entirely. It was evident in the way she carried herself: her back straightened with head held higher, and shoulders widened, which all were symptoms of self-confidence. Like a niche she was accustomed to, this place brought made her shine like a magnificent jewel, like how salt added often brought out the best flavors in an entree. It was similar in how he became once he stepped onto the battlefield, and he viewed his companion in a new light. Although he danced about, with the sturdy blade under him to carry him in swerving paths, his fingertips were warm with power; this child was a magical athlete and his energy, only moments ago depleted, was returning rapidly. Both of them would be in their element soon enough, and if an ambush did occur, which a part of him suspected was inevitable, they would be prepared.

"I do!" He chirped, and curled his tiny digits about the sheath, then swung himself upside-down. Viewing the world from this angle made him dizzy, but he held on nonetheless, with thin legs wrapping around his blade. He was swaying about, and those that took notice of him pointed and muttered, affronted that this human boy acted so uncouthly, and disturbed their peace. But Ethan seemed wholly ignorant, and his grin was wide and gleeful as he swung, as if he was on a vine, and giggled to himself.

But soon the nausea was setting in, and he flipped himself back on top of his levitating sword, rubbing his head. This motion ceased eventually and hand fell back to his side as they paused before a wooden door, and his vision zoomed in as he tried to decipher the runes. He was not unfamiliar with reading glyphs, but there are many that are unique, newly crafted to fit the needs of everyday life. These he didn't understand, but he learnt that there was a general connection with them all, that if he took the lines and curves apart, he would be able to make a fairly accurate guess at its purport. From one eye, he saw threads of azure energy bleeding from the knob, and soon he came to the conclusion that those sigils were created for a barrier.

Gliding in after 'anon as if he was a magician on a broomstick, his legs dangled out from under the trembling sword, with bare toes wiggling. His curiosity was aroused, and although 'anon gave him two options, he decided to take a peek. Following after her unsteadily until they reached another door, he dropped to his feet there with a thump, standing outside the threshold to observe. The sword tucked vertically beside the boy of its own accord, propping itself against his hip as if it always belonged there. Fingers stroking the hilt as if it was a beloved puppy's mane, he made a mental note to get a belt. Leaning against the wall, his small figure was nearly concealed, and he watched vigilantly.

Ethan couldn't comprehend what was being said because of the language, but the tone of it made him uncomfortable. Squinting through the crack of the door, he saw a pitiful creature, caged down and jabbed through with needles. Although his affection was inclined towards Nature and the geography, he didn't appreciate the sight of such an entity, bounded as if it was an experiment. The child's eyes flicked from his companion to the man, and his fingers closed firmly around the haft of his obsidian blade, as if he sensed the increasing tension in the air.

What he saw next made his eyes fly wide with horror, and his face, though already malnourished, managed to grow paler; his hand shook on his sword, and when he breathed, it was unstable, as if the air was knocked from his lungs. The horrific images of death came flooding back, with mangled bodies left grotesquely on charred ground, and the laughter of malicious men before the cracking of skulls. The boy's hands were pure, untainted by others' blood, and he never consciously admitted the possibility of ending another life; he shivered until his knees gave way under him, and tears welled in his eyes, threatening to overflow.

All he knew was that killing was wrong, and to see it up-close horrified him. It was as if he was always draped in a pristine cloak, and now that he witnessed the horrendous scene before him, a part of him knew that he would never be able to turn back. Deep in his core, a great evil was forming from an amorphous shape, and a single tear bled, rolling down his cheek to strike the ground, splattering. The boy, with a propensity to question everything, was determined to know why she killed that man, and whether he should react as he did. Wiping his cheek hurriedly, deep breaths were taken to pacify his mood, and he dragged himself up by pressing his palm to the wall.

He staggered forward, but managed to control his knees. The agony on his face was gone, and his expression was stony, as if he was unmoved by the man's death. A smile was forced upon his lips, and he blinked at the lizard. Her words surprised him, and he seemed to contemplate for a moment before turning a clear, honest eye to her. He thought her cruel and heartless before, but here she was, crying then laughing. Ethan felt like he was meeting her for the first time, and reached up to comb through his unkempt hair with nimble fingers; there was a long silence, in which one hand never released his blade's curved handle, and messages were relayed back and forth, at the speed of a single thought.

"Maybe she's just like me."
"What do you mean?"
"She's lonely too."
"You'll learn something, Matthew...”
"Once you get to know someone, they're usually a lot better than you think."
"... Brother, that thing, it's her light, just like you're mine. Maybe if I was in her place, I would have --"
"I know."

Ethan stepped haltingly towards the creature, as if he was afraid it'd take a bite at him if he came too close. His fingers stretched out, as if yearning to touch it, and his gaze leveled with 'anon's. There was a faint smile on his lips, but perhaps it was all they needed to communicate. He didn't have words of assurance, but that expression, so serene and gentle, was all that was necessary. His stance was reposed, and for the first time, the boy seemed less like a child, and more like a young man.

"Lets get out of here, friend."
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Thu Apr 09, 2009 2:54 pm

'anon's world had become white, not black, and though she could see the faint outlines of things near-by, it was barely enough to let her feel safe. Instead, she would allow her hightened senses to work for her, especially her hearing. She heard Ethan's footsteps approaching, and for a moment she grew fearful. He had seen what she'd done. The child had watched her murder the man and drain him of every droplet of blood. She had most likely killed any remaining bit of innocence within him. At that thought, she gave a sad smile. But perhaps she was wrong. ... Surely, she was wrong.

Vlos reached out as well, the sparkling blue eyes of the beast fixed upon Ethan's face in a gaze that peered through his very soul. Vlos seemed to smile, and his tongue flicked out, licking at the boy's dirty hand. That way, he would get used to the boy's scent and taste, and consider him a friend instead of the enemy. The scaley head of the beast rubbed against Ethan's hand, before dropping back down to 'anon's feet. The young female bent over and petted Vlos, her fingers trembling. She couldn't see him.

The useless eyes closed, and she gave a deep sigh. It would take weeks for them to regenerate. She couldn't let it be her weakness. She wouldn't.

"Lead, Ethan, and we shall follow."
'anon stood, and the creature lifted itself up with her, stretching out its legs and standing on all four to be the same height as 'anon. A towering beast, but with eyes filled with kindness. Her opposite. Her match.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Thu Apr 09, 2009 4:21 pm

That scaly head brushed his dirt-stained fingers, and they stretched, scratching it timidly. Perhaps the creature would never feel it, considering the scales are likely for defense, but it was a friendly gesture nonetheless. The boy, still nearly an untainted soul, peered in return at this lizard, and his eyes, growing lighter subtly with each passing day, were resolute. He was not afraid of looking into those azure orbs directly, for he had done it no wrong, and had no ill-intentions. A faint smile flitted upon his amiable features at the being's tongue, and his digits wiggled, unaccustomed to the sensation of a wet surface against his palm. But soon the lizard dipped its head back towards its master, and Ethan knew it was time.

The sword at his side that trembled lightly reminded him of the task at hand, and he nodded to himself. He would have to question later, for now there is no leisure of boundless thoughts. He is unfamiliar with the laws of this land, but it is possible that killing is considered unjustifiable. His slender brows creased in thought, as if he was trying to guess at where they'd go next, before his head snapped up to attention at 'anon's words. Ethan was unaware of what the magick did to his companion's sight. It surprised him, and his hand draped over the haft of his blade for comfort and counsel, which he readily received. With little more than a second's pause, the boy's stance widened in a display of bravado.

"But where?"

Without waiting for a reply, his hand snapped out, catching his companion by the wrist in a firm clasp. His lithe feet carried them towards the threshold, and he freed his digits from his sword, which shook itself from his side. It flew on ahead like a scout, with the swiveling eye at the crux flicking about cautiously. That comforting, masculine voice echoed in his head, and though there was a certain haste to their motions, he maintained a comfortable pace to accommodate for her vision.

"Is it safe?"
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:49 pm

'anon's head turned in the direction of the sound, a tongue licking flesh, and she knew it was Vlos. The animal then looked up to her, and its eyes narrowed.

"Did you have to kill him?" The words poured into 'anon's head as the ruby in Vlos's forehead began glowing. The purpose of it had been to protect Vlos, not open a direct channel between them, not that it hadn't existed before. She simply couldn't understand him then. The young female gave no reply, and pulled her feet back. She heard the blood dripping from the bottom of her boots, and she shuddered. Vlos had been weak, she had to do it - create something new.

'anon felt Ethan's fingers around her wrist, and suddenly she was being dragged through the whiteness. What she had been able to distinguish as obstacles before, were now complete blurs. There was no time to focus on her surroundings. Vlos sped after them, his bones crackling, flesh stretching to accommodate the rapid growth the animal was going through. She could hear his pained screams in her head, and all she could do was mutter constant apologies.

"Safe?" 'anon replied with a small laugh. "The underworld is never safe, Ethan. It's not even safe for the innocent, god-fearing people - whatever their god may be. The drow have no pity, no mercy, no respect."

'anon stopped in her tracks, and the force of her sudden stop yanked Ethan back. She grabbed his arm to pull him up, and turned her head from one side to another, trying to find where the sound was coming from - a rapid pitter-patter of leather boots on stone floor. Drow footsteps. Vlos pushed his head against 'anon's thigh, begging her to move.

"As I was saying. The underworld is never safe. Any plans?"
'anon hissed softly, though there was no malevolence in her voice. There would always be a plan a, and b. He'd come up with the first, and she'd always have the second in mind - well, she already did.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:08 pm

If there is a characteristic trait about this boy, then it would most certainly be his cool mindset under fire. He almost expected himself to be frantic, and was surprised that he wasn't. Emotions were momentarily released, and though it was a sensation that children should never experience at such an early age, it allowed him free roam. His mind siphoned through the possibilities for escape, unraveling them like battle maps and scanning upon the possible hazards. When he felt that one wasn't suited for the purpose, he flung it aside and simply seeked a new stratagem. But there was no time for choosing the best route, for they must be swift. There are scenarios when once must abandon a flawless escape for an effective one -- which in this case would be one that's readily available. So whilst his companion hesitated with her pet, the child flitted through the realm of possibilities, until alas settling upon one, momentarily satisfied, though he had no doubt that there'd be dangerous repercussions.

"God?" Ethan echoed her, and his gaze, suddenly intense and focused, fixated on her, "I don't have one."

Those childish hands were shaking with power, though at first it'd seem more likely to be the result of fear. Dropping to his knees with a soft thump, the boy bent, as if he was surrendering to the wrath of those approaching. Instead, those fingers wove expertly, drawing an identical sigil upon the ground, yet this one was dimmer, hinting at its frailty. It rippled like a pond that encapsulated dense, maroon liquid as his fingers dove into it. It was a relatively miniscule circle, but adequate to fit them both, and 'anon's lizard. His head was bobbing thoughtfully and then suddenly jerked up so that he faced her. His words were urgent, for he too heard the sound of footsteps, though his senses aren't nearly as keen as hers.

"Jump in, and then we run as fast as we can. It's traceable."

This time, he dropped himself in feet first, and with a grim smile at his companion, he sank lower and lower, as if he was drowning. It felt like he was covered in molasses, and for a moment he couldn't breathe. Arms were tucked close to his side, and he could feel the presence of Epoch, hovering close to his side as they tumbled lower and lower into the darkness. When it felt like he'd suffocate, the bubble of thick liquid around him burst like an overfilled balloon, and he breathed.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking Glass   

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Looking Glass
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