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 The Fallen Priest

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Character Information
Weapons and Armor (a general list please):
Title: Slave

PostSubject: The Fallen Priest   Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:49 pm

~ Basics ~

Name: Vy'sintyr

Age: 90

Gender: Male

Class/Profession: Fallen Monk / Slave

Race: Half Elf

Alignment: Neutral

~ Appearance ~

Height: 5’11”

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 151

Hair Color: Charcoal Grey

Hair Style: Wild

Complexion: Very Tanned and Fair

Build: Very Well Toned

Scars: Over His Arms Chest and Back

Distinguishing Features: Mirror image burn marks in the shape of Ravens, under his eyes that denote his former membership in the order.

~ Personal ~

Weapons: His Great Mantis... It is a blade the width of a broad sword but with a curve reminiscent of the waning crescent moon... It is a blade traditionally held backwards with the blade running along one arm the hooked end away from them... It also has a smaller very wide tapering blade at the other end where its pummel would be had the sword been a Shamshir... How ever unlike a Shamshir this blade is used curve away from the one holding it making a simple parry not as effective to unsuspecting fighters. Also a pair of regular mantis's in his boots. Clothing: He wears an enchanted set black and red of lamellar robes from his former instructor in the black crow monasteries. The armored robes have rather simple enchantments ... A set to make then light as if they were only cloth. A set to make then a bit stronger in the areas the metal plate’s dont cover... The final enchantments hold several pre-made spell glyphs for faster casting of his healing spells

Important Items: A very simple ring that is tarnished beyond recognition... It once held a beautiful gem to attract the eyes but that has long since been pried out and the setting has been crushed flat against its band... However the ring itself is still enchanted slightly and can hold another item inside itself... One must be both wearing the ring and know the command word however to extract or replace the item from where it is stored... The item inside of his ring is Vy'sintyrs great mantis... He also still bears his holy symbol on a necklace.

Dialects Spoken: common, elven, ancient elven, drow, dwarven, under-common, goblin-speak, drow hand sign,giant-kin, and latin

~ Self ~

Fear: Injustice or doing unjust deeds

Dislike: Tyranny, people who follow the concept “Might Makes Right”

Like: Life and all of the strange quirks it presents to him

Quirks: He does not defend himself from his Master’s wrath even though he easily could

Flaws: Doesn’t always view justice like he was taught. And thinks if you are being punished for a crime you didnt commit that, that gives you the right to commit it


Skills: he is trained in hand to hand and in several forms of weapon styles... He spent several decades learning how to fight against most styles of combat... And since has traveled to several different countries and learned to fight against their particular styles as well Magic: He is a very skilled elemental mage and is extremely versed in fire and air magic’s... And he is adept at earth and water... By drawing a glyph mark he can generate almost any needed effect with his spells... But when he doesn’t have time to draw out the spells exact symbol he can speak the casting words and use a lesser form of the intended spell. He is also well versed in the healing spell of the cleric. The stronger the spell or effect generated the weaker he becomes until well rested

Spell List:

Elemental attacks

Armor: creates a layer of the element around the caster than is both magically flexible and strong.. Works best with earth but fire is fun while wrestling.

Blast- He can generate a blast of the element at a foe without truly lethal effects. Wind would knock you down; earth would be smaller rocks, water like a high pressure hose, or fire... Well okay that one might hurt a lot but it would still be non-lethal

Crush- (only works with earth and air) Shapes or creates a solid mass of the element around a foe and uses it to squeeze them.

Enhance / diminish- This power can affect elements he did not create with his magic and is used to either make it larger or smaller... This power can also be used on some magically created elements to the same effect

Imprison- Creates a prison of the desired element around a foe to keep them there. Where as a prison of stone is harder to break a prison of fire would not be fun to dive through.

Lethal blast- this power is an upgraded version of blast... With this power the element gains substantial force behind it …. Air would blow hard enough to rip flesh, Water could cut through objects or likewise people. Earth, well now the rocks might be pointy. Or Fire... I think you can guess at that one…

Movement- (works best with air .but fire or water can be used as well) allows the caster to use the element to fly... Wind would lift him or Fire could shoot from his feet like rockets

Shape- allows the molding of either created or natural elements, into a shape desired by the caster.

Shield- used to create barriers out of the elements... The shape or design of the barrier changes based on desired effect and element but it does what it says... It protects the caster from harm

Storm- creates a storm of the desired element in a large area... water would become a near biblical deluge; air would make the strongest hurricane winds seem weak. Earth would be any thing from landslides to earth quakes. And lastly fire... a nearly divine raining of Sulpher and brimstone... Geysers of lava or even flame erupting from the ground with thick chocking ash... Face it. This one ain’t for the timid. And affects the caster if he is dim enough to be inside its range

Wall- creates a wall of the summoned element within arms reach of the caster... thickness varies

Healing spells:
Lay on hands: a simple spell used to stabilize a wounded person. The caster must have skin to skin contact.

Heal light wounds: treats scrapes, sprains, bruise’s, and bumps

Heal moderate wounds: used to heal simple fractures or small bleeding wounds, removes most headaches and can be used to cure both drunkenness and hangovers,

Heal heavy wounds heals the nasty ones.. This can be used to heal everything that is not inherently lethal in nature..

Heal mortal wounds: this one can be used to fix a victim from any wound received.. Well …. Anything short of death that is.. Can be used to re-grow or even reattached removed limbs if done in a timely manner. And of course it isn’t ones head that fell off

Bless: grants divine luck to the receiver. Doesn’t make them ungodly lucky just makes the gods turn a little attention their way

Regenerate: this spell gives a regeneration factor to the recipient so their wounds will heal on their own.

Cure: removes both poisons and disease’s form a recipient.

~ Family ~

He was adopted from his parents at a young age and joined the ranks of the black crow monastery at the age of 7. He then spent the next forty years of his life devoting all his time to training for combat and in service the god Tyr... After his twenty first birth day he joined the ranks of the fighting monks...

~ History ~

Personality: He is a very well centered person, and very rarely loses his temper... But when he doesn’t, things have always turned bad... He almost always keeps a good reign on his anger but, his temper flairs in the face of injustice and unneeded or undeserved suffering.... He will access a situation before joining in however... But even then will almost always jump in to aid an underdog.

Character’s History: he does not provide even when asked by his master
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The Fallen Priest
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