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 The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"

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Lyo the Shadow Whistle
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PostSubject: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:32 am

This post restored and previously created by Esmeradin

Quote :
Mother of the sea, in draconic was the name of this ship. And a fine seafaring vessel it is. Tall sails rippled with the winds, tightly bound as the ship was docked at the port to deliver trade materials. The ensign on board held a list in her hands, checking the crates and boxs that were scattered in the cargo below.

"Rosen Wine - 2 score barrels, aged - four months
Wheat flour - milled in Basenbury village, 6 score cases, aged - 2 weeks.
Wheat grain - sorted and harvested this past fall, 6 score cases, aged - 5 months.
Castorial rynstone - mined by the dwarven allies in the Oktil mountains, 10 cases, aged - 15 years stock."

Her check list was complete, shipment had arrived, and in to safe waters.

The winds above fluttered more then just the sails. Four hundred yards away sitting on the rooftop of the nearby harbormasters shack sat a heavily cloaked figure. His hood pulled down over his eyes and face. Yet he still saw. Not with his own eyes, but with his second sight. One might think a figure perched ready to pounce on the rooftops of a one floor shack in broad daylight would be very conspicuous.. Nevertheless, he was wrapped in illusions that hid his presence better then a set of car keys after a drunken party

Only one other was aware of this hidden being, and he sat right next to him as they waited for the perfect moment to pounce on this overloaded cargo vessel like hungry cats on a lone mouse. Soft dragon-hide gloves that were covered in articulated mythril plate-mail covered his hands. This tapped lightly on the roofs edge that he gripped with his right. Under his cloak, he was VERY well armed today, but the softly flowing displacer-beast hide garment mostly hid it.

However not every weapon was concealed, out of his Mythril greave covered boots protruded antler hilts belonging to wicked fighting knives. On his back crossing plainly in view were his signature Yatagan swords. His right hip bore his other most commonly carried, though nearly never used weapon. A hook ended chain whip, one that was VERY unique in both design, and powers. He had no delusion that his identity would not be known once the assault began, but he did not care either, the cloaks hood merely covered his face so that the burning rays of the noonday sun did not distract him.

Long had the Undercity been contemplating how to disrupt the surfaces trade routs and this was the perfect opportunity. That in mind a wicked smirk drew over the lips of the concealed elf. All he needed no was the decided on moment. He knew that his companion had been briefed very well on the goal of this attack, and he was not fearful of any hitches because all had been thought through…

“You have your orders, offer no quarter, and fill out your tasks.. Your performance dictates your rewards today.”

His words were not harsh, but honest and calculated betraying his smile by their jovial tone. Oh yes it had been long since he had been able to cause such a wondrous cacophony of screams. And to day they would bath his ears most blissfully. With his words said, his right hand gripped the hilt of a wicked rapier and he sprung forward off the roof into the air. But never touched the ground. Before he even finished dropping because of gravities sweet pull he vanished with a light popping sound.

Before any time went by he reappeared on the gangplank of the ship and with a VERY potent blast of telekinetic power. He would no doubt sent every crew member with in thirty feet of him (which should be the majority of the main deck) flying off the ship with mangled broken bodies, or into things like the masts, rails or other stuff on a ships main deck (like other people).

Next, another power would trigger and grant the most favored fear of ANY sailor, FIRE on a boat. With but a mischievous grin his pyrokinetic powers would start the sails ablaze like flash paper held to a flame, or dry hay tossed onto a camp fire, the only precursor warning was the heat haze above the decks that lasted only a spilt second.


((The next pasrt was Written by Dresden))

How lovely someone had requested the assistance of a mere child to help them do the bidding. One might think this action as a very foolish idea or rather a very smart one for who would expect a child to do dreadful deeds? Any case perched right beside the one who had asked him for his services, was that said child. White priest like cloak draped over his small form as he sat patiently waiting for the orders to strike. The child bare no armor however he did bare a pair of twin katanas that rested peaceful on his back in an “X” shape. These katanas abilities was simple they drew in ambient energy like a sponge and use it to create long distance attacks. So in theory this child could snipe a bird out of the sky just by using his blades. One might wonder if that was the only weapon the child bore on him today and that answer would be no, he had another weapon. A more dangerous weapon that he wouldn’t show until the time called for it.

His light purple eyes scan the incoming cargo ship as it come into the harbor. He had only knew this man from the undercity for a few days but within those few days he grew to respect this man for who he was. When he was asked to help with this siege he started to refuse but he had a change of heart and decided to help...for the good of the UnderCity. One might wonder what ties did he have with the under city and it was simple there was none, it just felt like the right thing to do. His eyes would look towards the man as he spoke and a simple nod was giving in response. Careful he slide his right hand to his back and unsheaths one of his blades and allow the process of drawing in the ambient energy to begin.

Seeing how his friend had already started the attack, he thought he should join in the fun as well. He would begin to bounce from rooftop to rooftop before landing a few feet beside his friend. Without warming he slashed the air in an vertical fashion release an energy blast from his blade, the blast was aimed for the masts of the ship. A childish giggle was held as he watched fire on the boat spread like crazy. A smirk would form on his face as the temperatures of the surrounding water began to drop to also the point of freezing. The reason for this was simple if any fool decided to jump ship into the water they would sure get frostbite.

Using his own energy the true nature of this child would be reveal. The sounds of chains unraveling would be heard as 60 chains from the upper part of the boy’s body lunge towards the decks of the ship. The chains would move throughout the ships until they found where the cargo was being held. Once found they wrap themselves around the cargo and careful drag it off the ship and place it beside the child. This action would be done fairly easy since most of everybody was running for their lives thanks to the fire that Lyo had created. Once all the cargo had been unloaded from the ship Dresden would allow his chains to do as they please with the scared shipmen. The chains began to move across the deck of the burning ship like a sea of serpents, striking at the legs of anyone who got to close.

He stood motionless as he watched his children at play the water around the harbor would soon be painted red and what a beautiful scene it would be. More chains was being unravel from the boy’s body for this time it was from his lower half, they would attack like the others. They would stand guard protecting the boy if needed.

To forget me deny's me that one true immortality. Of living on after my end in the hearts and minds of others..... To be forgotten is truly to die.

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Suicide is like telling god " You cant fire me! I QUIT ! ! "

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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:10 pm

The ship rocked by the explosion, started to move, however the ensign and the rest of the crew were burning to a crisp. Nothing held any control over the ships movement in the least, and soon it was drifting to sea again, cargo, and current assailants. The sails and mainsail already ablaze, it would not be long before the tarred wood of the main ship would catch ablaze as well. A high pitched scream tore free of the burning ship, as the mainsail came down over the starboard bow, crushing a few more crewmembers that had managed to scramble to miss the pyrotechnics.

Bloody screams and horrible ashes filled the air, not a single soul could fight back, as they were burning where they had scrambled to feet. Even the saltest of souls upon this ship would not survive the blaze, as the mainsail upon the deck caught the rest of the ship ablaze, terror rang this night, as nothing could save the seafaring souls that had only sought peaceful trade.
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Lazuli Carnisor
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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:18 pm

(( Using NPC for now )

There were several watchmen working that day during the same time the vessel from Avalon was suppose to come to deliver some potential goods, one of the watchmen stood upon one of the guard towers perhaps one of the highest ones he held a scope out that can see within 10miles and there as he scanned the oceans he spotted the fire from a distance ship and he sounded the alarm and one of the soldiers came up to the watchmen speaking rapidly fast he could not begin to understand him as he spoke and he pointed over in the distance as he soon begin to catch on about what has happened he frowned at it in disappointment quickly he turned on his heels and fled the docks to report what has happened to the Emperor himself..
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Lyo the Shadow Whistle
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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:32 am

The ships rocking was not bothersome to Lyo and his own powers kept falling rigging and masts from landing near him. the sounds of screaming only made this violent elf laugh heartily, to long had gone by since he last gave into his violent wants and desires, for far to long he let others believe he was a myth, and that he was a passed thorn never to be seen again. But now. Ever since this dismal empire was built near the ruins of the last one he hated he had been waiting to make himself known again .waiting to hear these stupid elves scream in horror as he killed them, and eventually took his rage out on their King’s son one more time.

But this blaze was only one piece of the disruptions he had planned for this empire, and with Dresden doing his job expertly the slashing chains found many a mark and all but a few had been maimed and killed in this violent attack on the sovereign soil of a ship that had come under white flag.. If he were lucky, the Avolonians would claim War at the outrage of a docked ship being destroyed while the Tallendon Naval forces floundered stupidly about doing nothing but watching the burning ship go down with all hands… Save one….

The ensign for now would be spared, heavily injured, and wickedly in pain.. Nevertheless, Lyo would now create a shield around them to keep her alive and safe until he was truly done with her anyways… That would likely be VERY soon however… Especially with Dresden having claimed the cargo.

“Dresden. You know your part. Take our spoils and go!”

Lyo smiled and he and the Ensign would blink off the boat, but not before Lyo heated up the flames even more to cause a faster sinking. However, a moment before the flames exploded everywhere he and his hostage were on the pier. His powers used in precision he would bind the Ensign immovably and pull her towards him. One gentle kiss on her cheek and he would pour a greenish fluid onto one of her many wounds.

“Forgive me in your next life, but better this then to drown hey?”

He smiled, the poison now flowing in her veins would be VERY toxic and her death would be nearly unstoppable. Nevertheless, she would live for an hour, maybe a little bit less while the drug started to shut down her nervous system. Then with a sharp mental blow, he would leave her unconscious on the pier where the trade ship had nearly docked. No doubt, she would be found soon, guards would rush to question her, and find out the lies Lyo mentally slipped into her …

He would reset the entire scene; no longer would she remember two warriors attacking them, but instead just one. Dircan Carnisor, and she would somehow know his name. know that he attacked the ship alone, and then he and the cargo teleported away…. What she would never know was how she had gotten to the pier. No doubt, her mind would think she must have been tossed here during the chaos.

Next, just as quickly as all this chaos began it ended, Lyo blinked out back to his hidden headquarters in the heart of the city.

Italics are telepathy

To forget me deny's me that one true immortality. Of living on after my end in the hearts and minds of others..... To be forgotten is truly to die.

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Suicide is like telling god " You cant fire me! I QUIT ! ! "
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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:04 pm

The pleasant sounds of people screaming caused Dresden to smile like crazy. Oh how he had wonder what it would feel like to take another’s life without any regard...and the feel was great. He watched the chains dance across the deck of the ship striking at anything and everything that move but that is except Lyo. With ever life that was taking by the chains he was slowly giving into his Chain Devil’s nature. He was having fun and he didn’t want it to stop, but sadly every fun thing had to come to an end...thus this is life.

Simply nodding to the orders that he was giving, he would allow his chains to wrap around the cargo using them to lift them up. He quickly follow Lyo and his captive and began to jump from building to building. This actions wasn’t as simple as it seems since the cargo was freaking heavy but luckily his chains were sentient actually knew what to do without being told. A part of him want to protest, why must he carry the load when Lyo can escape with ease? But these thoughts quickly vanish from his mind as quick as they came.

Using his mana he allow it to leak through his body enchanting his running abilities and if a blink of an eye he would disappear back into the hideout. Even though this actions seem like teleportation it wasn’t Dresden was just moving at super high speeds.
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Elros Carnisor
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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:33 pm

One soldier walked along the shoreline whistling softly to himself unaware of what has happened two hours previously with the attack on a vessel, he wore a black suit of armor from head to toe nothing special about it, he also wielded two short swords and strapped upon his back a black long bow with 100 quiver of arrows within it, he paused as he walked upon the docks slowly he gazed ahead as he caught something not quite right. He frowned slightly he had long blonde hair and he was handsome his body seemed to be well toned for battle he even had a scar upon his right cheek, he moved closer to take a look and he looked down along the shorelines his eyes scanning closely.

He took a step back and signaled for the others to come forth as legions of soldiers appeared before him through portals in different directions he spotted the women he motioned to her. As soldiers lined up there arrows upon their own black bows they were well trained archers perhaps some of the best archers ‘’ What in the nine hells have happened here and are you okay mi’lady ‘’ his voice came off as elfish his voice almost melodic as he spoke. He moved closer a bit.

((Okay t's an NPC its best I can do for now )
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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:35 am

“ Buy your fresh fish here! You! Sir with the sword! How would you like fresh fish? “ The old man standing next to his cart was yelling out towards every person that walked by, trying to boost his profits. Jin happened to walk by, and simple stared the man down as he continued walking. These people truly are silly. After seeing so much blood shed throughout your life, everything in life is taken down a notch.

Jin has heard that there are still dragons around in these parts. And this land needs to be rid of them. Speaking of being rid of. He needs to get rid of all of this yelling.

“ Hey.. “ He reached out in his mind, using telepathy to try and reach Ness, his fairy follower.

“ Hello..? “ “ … Why hello Jin. How’re you today? “ She said, appearing in front of him. She is of course on another plane, and isn’t able to be seen by the common folk.

Jin placed his left hand to his temple. “ Can you find me a more quiet and open place around here? “ “ Sure Jin! Hold on a second. “ Ness raced off into the air, to get a better view of the city.

A few moments later she arrived back, and gave Jin the directions. “ Over that way sir! “ She pointed towards a house on the end of the street. “ The house is a two story house with a flat roof! Jump on up there! “

Jin did just that. He walked closer to the building and around the corner, so nobody can see his incredible jump to the roof of the house. He landed with ease and without noise. He walked closer to the center and sat down lazily with Ness circling around him.

“ … Ness, please stop that. Stay still. I need to have a word with you. “ “ Yes, Jin? “ She said, coming to a complete stop. Only to start dancing in place. Shaking her hips from side to side, with little arm movements.

“ Ness… I need you’re help. Do you think you can listen in on these people and find out where this dragon resides? I think I’m actually able to sense where the dragon is. I’m not really sure. It must be one of the powers of the sword coming through. I just need to learn to control it…” Jin said, placing his hand on his sword’s handle that‘s placed inside of the sash on his back.. “ But till then. I need you to be my ears. Think you can do that? “

“ Yes Sir! I will go listen in on these people! I’m off, Wheee!! “ Ness took off back towards the crowd of people down below, totally invisible to these common folk.

A soft sigh left Jin’s lips, as his eyes fixated outwards toward the waters. After a few moments. He closed his eyes and murmured to himself, “ … Where are you… “

His eyes opened, only to see a fiery blaze off in the distance. Then just as quickly as he spotted it. He saw a man jump to a roof not far away from Jin, and continue bounding away. The only strange part about this, is that this man had what looked like chains coming from his body, carrying barrels, boxes, and other materials in them.

“ This seems like a good enough lead for now.. “ Jin rose to his feat and bounded after the man. Some of his previous training did include running across rooftops and other similar obstacles. And his jumping skill helped greatly, so did his flash step. Not to mention this man was carrying a ton of items in his chains weigh him down. It would be more then easy to keep up with him. Also, if the man did happen to be to fast for Jin, he could read energy signatures, and just follow his energy. Him being faster is highly doubtful though.

“ Maybe this guy can lead me to my dragon. “ Jin thought to himself. “ Or if anything, maybe he could employ me for something. I’m running low on money… “
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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:03 pm

Choking on breath, barely holding on to her consciousness she was unaware of the overly hostile greeting given by the guards, but she did weakly beg for help before collapsing to the ground before them… her body was badly burned.. so badly that she was no recognizable for a race, and she was sickly, so much so that at first the guards men feared plaque and it was not until their leader ordered them to touch her that any man was willing to.

But all for king and country..

Men quickly lifted the cold skinned and shallowly breathing lady up and with orders a runner left to speak to the king personally while the men would rush through town to take this dying lady to the only place that might be able to help her… Rosaria’s healing clinic… they could only hope that she cold help her.

<<<<<<< Thread moving to healers >>>>>>>>>
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PostSubject: Re: The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"   

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The Trade Ship "Dask Di Wer Qumado"
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