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 Coming home.

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PostSubject: Coming home.   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:30 pm

" This is the life, Rumpfred. I tell you what. " A small sigh escaped Dircan's lips, his eyes were closed as he felt the breeze run through his hair and across his skin. Then suddenly he felt a jerking stop, making him slightly move forward, awakening him from his meditation. " What is it Rum- " His eyes opened as he saw a majestic kingdom off in the distance.

" It's been a long time since these eyes have laid on this place, Rumpfred. " Dircan said towards his trusty steed. A noble horse, standing a full foot taller then most horses, redish brown by color, clad in light battle armor. " ... Ah, I just love this place. It's so.. So... refreshing! Ahh.. I love it. " The horsie just stared and kept walking. " Onward, Rumpfred! I want to make it to Tallendon before sun fall! " Dircan said pointing towards their destination, which is becoming more visibly clear with each step towards it. Moving his left arm back towards the rear of the horse, his arm would position itself so his hand was on his chin, while his elbow was on the rear of the horse, while his left leg was moved up and wrapped his inner knee around the pommel of the saddle, while his right leg rested the foot on top of the pommel. Leaving his right arm to lay lazily across his chest.

Dircan was wearing his battle attire, along with his two swords to go with it. Never could be to careful. Then again...

Dircan closed his eyes and started to fall asleep to the horses rhythmetic steps.

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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:52 pm

Broad daylight. 'anon could not remember a day she had to suffer this much. It felt as though the eyes were burning out of her skull. If she covered them, then she could not see, and no amount of shade she could create for herself would be sufficient to shield her sensitive eyes. Having developed underground for 79 years made sunlight her weakness.

Considering that she had observed surface creatures for a while now, she began to wonder about the difference in body structure. They were about the same height, but the surface walker's skin was light, though they were constantly under sun-light. The underground creatures' skin was dark, all shades of black, though they had no sunlight to nourish their flesh. She didn't understand how their makers decided to reverse the way their flesh should be, naturally.

She had pulled the copper hair into her eyes, trying her best to create any bit of extra shade she could. Anything to represent at least the lightest of nights! But she failed. Miserably. "Dosib sssiks!" She hissed out at the light and bent over, picking up a pebble.

In a fit of fury, she threw the pebble out, as far and high as she could, though she knew it wouldn't do anything. The sun was too far too reach. Too safe up in its little palace. 'anon wanted to tear it out of the sky, the damned beast. Her mind was getting hazy, her skin too hot. Dark colors attracted the rays of the sun, increasing the heat. And she was used to a cool, moist environment. This was hot and dry, and sunny!

'anon continued down the broad road, gasping faintly as though she had no more air to breathe. Would the surface walkers recognize a drow? Would they try to kill her? Or would they admire the strange, macabre beauty that she possessed?

Everything screamed insane about her, from the crooked smirk on her lips, to the possessive glow of her eyes and the tense, unnaturally long fingers.

And so she walked, the rhythmic crunch of leaves and small pebbles under her boots accompanying her, and her shadow following her, she walked.
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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:37 pm

“ Oh Dircan, how I missed you brother! I’ve been in terrible shambles without, you are my life and soul, how could I live without being in your awe-admiring presence! “ Cirdan said, “ Oh, I don’t know brother, you would probably wither away and die without me. “ Dircan said back to his step-brother.
“ You can have my wife, Brother! Just let me stay by your side when you rule Tallendon! “
“ Fine, fine. I’ll let you live. “
“ Why thank you brother, You are so kind and generous! “
“ Yes, yes I - “

Rumpfred came to a stop, and awoke Dircan from his dream he was having. The horse snorted and lowered it’s head. Dircan came lazily to, looking forward down the road with squinty eyes. There seemed to be a dark figure looming off in the distance. Last thing Dircan wanted, was to be killed while being so close to Tallendon.

Pushing off of his left arm that was resting on the rear of the horse, and unwrapping his leg from around the pommel of the saddle, Dircan managed to bring his left foot around to the back of the saddle, while raising his body. He now stood on top of the saddle, drawing his two swords, his giant sword in his left, and gun blade in his right. Dircan made a clicking sound with his mouth and the horse started trotting towards the figure.

Dircan was ready to attack if need be. As he came closer to the figure, he noticed is was a lady. A lady drow to be correct. And she didn’t look happy to be on top of land. He’s delt with a few of them before. Luckily, they were somewhat nice to Dircan, and let him go with out selling him to slavers.

Dircan was now within hearing range, and decided to make himself noticed, if she already didn’t notice a armored elf standing on the saddle of a giant armored horse, holding two swords… Rumpfred came to a stop while Dircan spoke.

“ I say you, what be your business up on top land? “ Hopefully she was friendly, Dircan had enough killing from his ventures.
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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:33 pm

'anon heard the heavy trot of a tired horse, barely able to keep up its own pace. She couldn't help but give a small laugh and bob her head from side to side to the rhythmic pants and steps of the animal. A graceful hand lifted, and her long, obsidian fingers tucked strands of her thick copper hair behind the perfectly sculpted ears. She was a drow, after all. Arrogance would forever be a part of her.

She continued walking, and the horse continued its heavy trot, but she heard something else as well. The ringing of blades being unsheathed. Copper eyes rolled back, the hazy white being all that was seen for a moment, and then the colours clashed once more and her eyes returned to normal. No drow would take risks which were not calculated, and she had calculated this one many times with each step.

It was mid-day, hotter than she was used to, dry, she had had no water or food for a day and a bit, (truly not much to complain about, but for a fussy drow such as her... missing one meal would be the end of the world) and was unarmed. Fancy that.

Another laugh pushed past those black lips, and she turned to face the armored elf with a look of defiance in her eyes, though her words were true. "Am I not permitted to observe the creatures of the top lands?" She continued walking backwards, showing that she was in no mood for arguments. Her hands slid up slowly, to show that she was unarmed. Was she begging for mercy? Oh how pathetic. Her hands quickly slid back down and fingers closed into tight fists. "Quite warm out today."
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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:12 am

Dircan, upon approaching the drow, and seeing that she was unarmed, or atleast didn’t appear to have any weapons on her visibly, lowered his weapons. He noticed she kept walking backwards in front of him, so he motioned for Rumpfred to follow while sitting back down on the saddle, after putting away his blades.

“ I am not one to decide that, M’lady. I have no control over you, ’nor your actions. “

Dircan came to the quick conclusion that she was friendly, for the moment. He watched her as she walked backwards, studying her form. She seemed quite athletic, but was walking like she had been walking for most of the day. His eyes focused onto her facial features, mostly her eyes.

“ Quite lovely out... It seems to me we’re heading in the same direction, or you just like to walk infront of me. “

He gave a weak smile. Then he moved from Rumpfred’s saddle and landed on his feet to the ground. Nothing fancy, just a dismount to the side.

“ If you will.. I would be honored to have you ride Rumpfred and rest. “

His arms would make a invite towards the horse, all the while giving a very inviting smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:37 pm

"But how can that be? Since when have humans lost control over their creatures?" 'anon whispered, her voice teasing, but not sultry by any means. She had not been gifted with a very feminine voice, a voice carried by the wind or a voice so smooth that it would make men crumble before her. Instead, her voice was commanding, strong, and the tone never faltered. It seemed as though she was sure of every word that pushed past those glossy black-red lips.

She felt the man's faded golden eyes upon her own, and she couldn't help but smirk. She was superior in all senses, especially in terms of her coloration. Bright, vivid shades of normal colours. Her skin a glistening obsidian, seeming smooth as silk. Her eyes so bright and golden that the angels above envied them. Her hair, so thick and red, it seemed as though a river of lava flowing down her arched back.

Yes, she was superior.

"Oh yes, I much enjoy having a fully-armed elf riding on his horse behind me. It's so... relaxing." 'anon whispered softly as she stepped towards the horse. She looked at the creature and found to be completely loyal to its master. But that wouldn't stop her from fooling the horse into submission and running away with it. Why would she do that, though? With this elf by her side, she would surely be safe without needing to lift a finger.

She hoisted herself up onto the saddle, both legs together on one side as human ladies often rode. She was to make a good impression. Enjoy herself. Why wouldn't she?
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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:29 pm

“ I wouldn’t know, M’lady. I am a elf, I have complete control over all of my animals. Please, allow me to give you an example.. “

Dircan would try to concentrate, sending out a metal signal to one of the katers nearest to him. One of his eyes would close as he sent out this signal. The other one remained squinted open to more or less, keep an eye on his new friend. He had of course, just met her.

Within about twenty seconds, a large eagle like bird would swoop down low over their heads, from the back to the front, and take off for the skies again. The birds wingspan reaching approximately over ten feet, while the length of the bird probably being around eight feet. It would make no noise until after swooping over their heads. It would make a loud screech and disappear back into the skies.

“ But as for Rumpfred here.. “

Dircan gave a small pat on the horses hindquarters.

“ Rumpfred chose me to be it’s rider. He bucked off each and every man, woman, or any other beast that tried riding him. I don’t know how to explain it, other then we just have a understanding of each other. “

Dircan’s eyes would fixate back onto her. It seemed to be quite hard to keep his eyes off of her for a long time. He found himself having his eyes drawn to her.

“ Aye, M’lady. Relaxed is how you should feel. I mean you no harm. I wouldn’t have a clear conscious if I hurt such a beautiful thing such as yourself… “

Dircan’s eyes seemed to of fluttered awake, as he came to the realization that he hasn’t even introduced himself to her yet. He promptly stuck his right hand towards her, and now it seemed he was the one walking backwards, waiting for her to take his hand.

“ I apologize, I seemed to of forgotten my manners. I am Dircan Carnisor. “
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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:01 pm

'anon laughed softly, mimicking with perfect skill the laugh of a maiden. But to the curious side of her, to the ever-questioning side of her, the laugh felt natural. "Of course, how could have I forgotten of your nature, elf?" She felt the great gust of wind as the massive eagle approached, though she could not truly hear it. Her eyes cast up to the heavens and she watched the beast approach, move above their heads, then fly back out into the blue sky. Her eyes began stinging terribly, and she was forced to look back down. Damned be the day. 'anon's head tilted as she listened to Dircan explain his delicate relationship with the horse. It sounded a great deal like the surface walker's 'love'.

"I take it you don't meet many women then." 'anon spoke with a teasing smirk upon her dark lips. Her golden eyes glimmered, challenging him. She cast her eyes forward, looking down the road. As far as she could see, emptiness. There was nothing but the vast expanse of forest and dirt road, undulating on ahead of them.

" 'Tis now that you remember your name, Lord Carnisor? I do hope I haven't caused your tongue to twist. I'd hate to know I'm the cause of you forgetting such important things as mannerisms." The female's strong hand slid forward as she bent against the horse. She placed her hand atop that of the elf's, and arched her brows, opening her eyes slightly wider and pushing her chin out to show her clear superiority. "I am 'anon d'lil Quar'valsharess."
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PostSubject: Re: Coming home.   

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Coming home.
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