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 Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?

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PostSubject: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:56 am

“Three silver sovereigns? But… I don’t have three silver sovereigns… I don’t even know what a sovereign is!”

The stables master continued to chew his wad of some kind of green mushy mass as he stared at the girl in almost disbelief. Spitting off to the side, he made a motion out of the gate. “Ya can’t keep your horse here then.”

The brown dusty horse that Yuuiha was perched on gave a snort as it turned its head so that it could get a better look at the man. He was large, and seemingly awkward with a large beard and a mustache. Snorting again, the horse pawed at the ground slightly in annoyance.

Patting the horse’s neck to sooth it, the girl turned her eyes towards the man again, at least where she thought he was anyhow and asked out softly, “Could you at least give my horse something to eat? Just this once?”

The lips of the large man turned upwards almost in contempt before he noticed the girl’s desperate demeanor. At once, his attitude of running a tight ship finally seemed to loosen a bit in the name of charity and of good will. “Alright. Just one carrot though and that’s it.” Turning about, he began to mutter and grumble as he walked off towards a shed.

“You hear that Mielk? At least you’ll have something in you tonight.” Reaching down to pat the horse again, it snorted back as its voice echoed in Yuuiha’s mind. ‘Mielk just graze in field. Yuuiha eat carrot.’ Frowning at what the horse thought, she replied quickly, “I certainly will not. Besides, I’m not hungry.” As if to embarrass her, Yuuiha’s stomach growled which only enticed the horse to neigh in amusement. “Oh shut up…”

Approaching closer, the stable’s master handed a carrot to Yuuiha and then crosses his arms as if trying to get a new perspective on her. Even though Yuuiha was blind, she could feel the man’s eyes on her and it made it fidget a little in discomfort. “Do you really not know what sovereigns are?”

“… yes sir,” was her reply.

Letting a sigh he then continued, “Why don’t you go down to the pub to try and find some work? You have a cute face, you can probably find something.”

“Ah… thank you sir…” was all that she could think of replying. Perhaps it might be a nice idea to try and work somewhere for a room. Sleeping out in the wilderness hasn’t been fun at all and if anything, a bath was something she was in dire need of. Giving the stables master a bow as best she could, Yuuiha and Mielk, or rather just Mielk, began to canter out of the gate.

“So now we have to find somewhere for me to work I guess….”
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Wed Nov 12, 2008 7:51 pm

A small breeze would pick up and possibly send chills down this womans spine as if someone was watching her, when indeed someone was. A man with shaggy shoulder length brown hair would appear and whisper into the stables master's right ear. His green emerald eyes would be on the woman that was just about to leave with her horse, but before she could leave the stable's master calls her back.

"Miss, I apologize for being so rude to you... Come back here and I will provide a place for your steed to stay of no cost to you. For this man here will take care of the costs. Please come back so I can properly welcome your steed into its homestead." The stables master spits to the side completely getting rid of the green mass that was within his teeth and gums.

The male that told the stables master to order this woman back to provide a place of no charge for her steed was actually the master's boss in charge. When the master was gone to get a carrot he couldnt' help, but watch this woman and hear her stomach rumble from hunger. Taking pity on her he decides to have the master go through and order her to come back and provide the best care he could for her steed.

His emerald green eyes watches this woman in hopes that she would possibly turn around to take his small gesture of kindness that he proposed with the master. Instead of waiting to see her turn back around he walks over to the steed and tries to place a hand on it's mane. "Dear new comers you are more tahn welcome to stay here for as long as you need. Don't heed his words for he is just trying to make ends meet for us at these stables. We've had a very bad run in with a few customers that resided to stay and didn't bother to pay us. I can assure you that your steed will get the best grooming care and I will be glad to escourt you, my lady, to our cabin for a bite to eat and some good ole dwaven wine if you wish."

This man waits patiently for this woman to respond to his offer of making her feel more welcome rather than to feel like an outkast.
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:20 am

The breeze of air simply made the girl pull her muddied traveler’s robe a little tighter around herself as she balanced herself on the horse with one hand before Mielk stopped and shook his head and mane. Slightly puzzled, she felt his voice echo in her mind, ‘Man speak to you. Invite us stay.’

Snapping out of her thoughts for a moment she blinked her eyes and turned her head about in a useless manner before patting at the horse’s neck. ‘Well turn around so I can see him and accept the offer,’ was what the replied with quickly. Snorting, the horse turned itself around and trotted back slowly before turning his head to look at the appearance of the new person. Turning her head to face stables master for the moment, she nods before turning her attention to the man with shaggy hair.

“Thank… thank you kind sirs,” she said hesitantly, unsure as to what exactly made the master change his mind. Half tempted to probe his mind, she resisted the urge as the voice of her horse floated to her again, ‘Yuuiha fall over Mielk now as always? No grass nearby.’

Feeling her face turning red, she was tempted to slap the horse in the back of his head as he neighed out in amusement again. She returned sharply, ‘See if I don’t poison your carrots!’ which only caused the horse to snort at the absurdity of the threat, which both of them knew would never carry through.

Still, there was the first problem of actually getting off the horse. In practice, she did usually stumble as she got off and more often than not, did end up on the ground. Praying to the spirits that she wouldn’t embarrass herself, she dismounted almost gracefully until her foot touched the ground. Losing her balance, she quickly hung onto the saddle as her other foot came to rest on the ground as well. Letting out a sigh of relief, she turned her head up to both of the men and smiled to them before tugging her staff free from a strap.

“Thank very much for you kind offer. Please take care of my horse and if gives you any trouble, just tell him off.” To this response, the horse turned itself in an effort to try and head butt her to make her topple over. Leaning heavily on her staff as she pushed his head back, she mumbled out softly, “Stop it... you’re embarrassing me again.”

It was only then that she realized that without Mielk, she would have her eyes effectively removed, unless this man was willing to allow her to share his sight. Perhaps… if he was kind enough to offer her to stay, perhaps he might understand as well. Watching as the stables master led the horse off to be fed, groomed, and given a roof, she found it awkward to stand there being unable to see her immediate surroundings. Breaking her sight from Mielk for the moment, she turned to where she figured the man would be.

“Sir, I know this might be an unusual request, but, might you share your eyes with me?” If was only after she had asked the question did she realize how horribly wrong it sounded. Recovering quickly she continued, “I mean, not literally but in a more figurative way...”
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:48 am

The stables master takes her steed by it's reigns in order to take it into a particular stable that was meant for bathing at the moment. After all it seems as if the horses fur was nothing but caked with mud from the looks of it for being out in the wilderness without a bath for awhile. Once the bathing process was completed he moved onto the next step with grooming this lady's steed. This man was a stables master so he was going to be a master with his job at providing the best care that he could for this woman's steed while she made herself at home here on this part of Tallendon.

The head master of the stables master sighs in relief at this woman taking his offer of letting her and her steed stay here for a few days if wished. His thoughts were mainly clouded with how they desperately were needing help around the stables, how money ends were tight, and that it wouldn't hurt to help this woman since she looked like she hadn't bathed for awhile. It wasn't the smell of the wilderness that came off of her that made him think she hadn't bathed, it was how dirty her robes were.

This man with shaggy brown hair tilts his head with looking at the woman before she speaks in regards to sharing his vision with her. He takes a step forward to her and gets close to her only to gently touch his hand underneath her chin lift her head up to have her look into his eyes. He wasn't trying to scare her or anything, he was just wondering out of curiosity if she was blind for hardly anyone would ask such a thing if they weren't. Searching into this woman's eyes, looking at the pupils particularly, he notices that there wasn't anything but a gray veil that was affecting her vision.

"You know, I think there might be an eye doctor in Tallendon that could possibly restore your vision if you don't wish to stay blind. By all means if you do enjoy staying blind then you don't have to see this eye doctor. Was just trying to help you out a bit my lady. Of course I'll share my eyesight with you I don't want you running into buildings and making a fool out of yourself now do I?" He gives out a soft chuckle and slowly lets go of his gentle grasp on her chin. This man wasn't trying to be rude or make fun of her blindness, just was trying to make her laugh a bit with his humor.

The sight that she would see after this woman did the process of sharing eyesight with him would be beautiful. It was mainly just an open prairie plain that didn't wander off too far from Tallendon's main entrance into the market area. In front of her would of course stand the man with shaggy brown hair and behind this man would be 4 stables combined together into one facility. It wasn't the main stables like the royal one where they had several stables available for the royal steeds, but it was just a small company made one that this man took care of. To the corner of her left eye she would see the wilderness residing there with trees flourishing with life and stretching out almost into the open blue sky. During this time of day the forest was still and quiet with a few birds chirping here and there. To the corner of her right eye she would see a cabin sort of thing that was rebuild into being a hotel vacancy. A stable isn't complete without a hotel for the owerns to reside at while their steeds got the best treatment.

If this woman turned to her right she would notice the gates not too far off that would lead her into another part of Tallendon that seemed to be flowing with many different races. Some to most of the races there were elves, but there were humans, dwarfs, Neko's, mutants, and etc. That were just walking around or catering to the needs of a customer. If this woman turned to the left of her she would notice the same entrance way she went through to get to the stables.

With this shaggy brown hair man being in his mid 20's his sight wasn't hindered by anything, to where she could see near or far sided and could even possibly be able to see the palace of Tallendon from this far if wished.
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:25 pm

Mielk the horse followed without complaint as it did want to be fed and washed and sleep somewhere without the rain on him. It would be have quite easy to take care of him as his eyes shown with a gleam of enjoyment and relaxation.

Yuuiha on the other hand found herself feeling more and more awkward as she sensed the man approach a little closer to her. She couldn’t tell what he was doing until he touched her chin that nearly made her jump back, but she stood still and gazed up blindly unsure what he was doing exactly.

The mention of an eye doctor made her smile a little as she inwardly laughed a little. Hearing him accept her offer of sharing his vision, she nodded her head as he let go of her chin. Making a small silly grin, she replied quickly, “Well, I often enjoy running into buildings thank you very much.” Snickering slightly to herself, she knew full well that running for her wasn’t exactly possible, but the notion did seem amusing. If anything, she’d bump into them.

It only took a fraction of a section for her to bridge the connection with her mind and his to share his perceptions from his perspective. Though it may have been true that if she could see herself, she would be able to see all the open blue sky, the forest with chirping birds, the elves, humans, dwarves, cat people, mutants and whatever else was around, but unfortunately for her it didn’t work like that.

Being far used to a horse’s vision for so long on the road, she found it slightly disorienting to look through his eyes. She saw what he saw and could hear what he heard (which often gives a strange echo as she could hear just fine herself) and with his vision coming into her focus, she blinked her own eyes and saw herself blinking back to the man. From what the man could see in their surroundings, she did have to say it was rather impressive to her, coming from a small village.

Bringing her mind from wandering too far again, she focused and watched herself brush off some dirt from her robe before looking up to the man. “I appreciate the offer for the doctor but I don’t believe it would help. My eyes were born blind but it is actually somewhat common in my kind." Tapping a finger near the corner of one of her eyes, she smiled brightly to him, “There’s a special reason for mine though.”

Turning herself around in front of the man, she then returned to her position where she was facing the man before asking out suddenly, “Could you actually… lead me to the cabin? When I meant sharing your eyes, I should have said vision. I see what you see. My own eyes are still useless to me.”

Last edited by Yuuiha on Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:01 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:20 pm

((Sorry for such a small reply.... I'll make it up to you with the next one!))

This man with shaggy hair watches her and feels the connection between both of their minds and was quite impressed that she was able to do such a thing. The last few people he knew that were blind weren't able to do anything besides walk around with walking sticks and bump into things occasionally. His mind slips and begins to think about another woman that wasn't able to see and was capable of bridging their minds together to talk to one another. This woman had long flowing red hair and was a mutant rather than an elf, human, or the such. Yet, his mind was reeling over the image of that woman before this woman twirled around and caught his attention once again.

He smiles at her whenever she states that her eyes were very special for her kind and indeed he was sure that they were. This man rarely ever saw anything like her kind around, but on occassions they would appear and yet disappear after you saw them. He listens closely to this woman and whenever she asks if it was possible for him to lead her to the cabin, he lets out a soft chuckle.

"I suppose I could, but it'll cost ya." He gives her a wink, because he wasn't being really serious with his statement of it costing her. This man walks over to her left side and grapples his right arm around her left one as he still keeps his eyes on her. "I'm Renato Butler, by the way, we really didn't introduce ourselves quite yet. Most people call me Ren though for short because they can't get the ato part right. What is your name ma'am?" As Renato was talking to her he does start walking slowly at a time to make sure that she could keep up with his pace of walking while talking.
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:05 pm

Yuiiha could have continued to probe his mind to sate her curiosity but she knew if she did, it could potentially harm this person. Being in a strange new kingdom with no money or connections, she figured it would not be wise to trade her life to satisfy her curiosity. At the mention that it would “cost her” if he was to lead her to the cabin, she began to become confused until she noticed that he had suddenly winked at her. Rubbing the back of her neck with an anxious hand, she felt him take a hold of her free arm to guide her.

Swallowing her pride, she allowed him to help her in this way, something that she would not normally let a stranger do. Still, she leaned herself heavily against him for support and was pleased to feel a sturdy figure with whom the eyes she was sharing belonged to. The way he kept his eyes on her though did cause her to squirm a bit under the gaze a moment before she turned her head towards him, hearing his introduction.

“Renato… Butler,” she repeated after him, rolling the unfamiliar name around in her mouth for a moment. “It’s nice to meet you I suppose. My name is Yuuiha Sahn. You can call me Yuui for short if you’d like.” After a moment, she toyed around with the idea of asking him to look around so that she could see around her but she held her tongue. It wasn’t everyday that she did get a good look at herself. Her robe had always been dirt brown but it was now caked in a layer of mud and grime while some parts of her own face were streaked with dirt as well.

“If you don’t mind, I think I might like to bathe before I actually eat… ” was what she muttered out a moment later.

(( Oh no worries. ^ ^; it happens, important thing is to keep writing? ))
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Wed Nov 26, 2008 1:46 am

((I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to jump in here. I'm not going to do anything that will hurt either of your characters))

He had been wandering through Tallendon, looking for the tavern. Taking several wrong turns, Jedrek ended up near the stables instead. He found that no one in this city was willing to help him, and that he had done nothing to cause them to like him. After a few minutes, he stood close to where Yuuiha and Renato were.

He looked around and sighed, knowing that he had become lost. Finding a bench nearby, he sat down and sighed. Right now, his family members could wait. He had to find a way to get out of this confusing city- though it was the same city he had lived in his entire life. After another couple of minutes, he spoke as if he were talking to himself.

"Great... Mother would be angry with me, if she knew that I got lost. Uncle Cirdan and Aunt Riku, where are you? I need to get something from the two of you. Something important..."
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:52 am

((It’s fine Jedrek.))

Renato had kept his eyes on Yuuiha for a brief moment before he turns his gaze away from her to look around. They still had a ways to go before they actually got to the cabin, but during the mean time he was going to strike up a conversation with her. “Sure you can bathe if you wish before you eat. While you’re bathing I’ll go ahead and start preparing a meal for you.” He turns his head for a moment to smile at her even though he knew that she possibly wouldn’t be able to see it. Holding onto her arm tightly he keeps her support from hoping that she wouldn’t fall over. For as skinny as he was, he sure was quite strong. Moving his gaze back onto the cabin the distance wasn’t too far away, but it would give them enough time to start another conversation about anything in particular. “Well… I used to know someone just like you a long time ago. My daughter was born blind and there was no way for her sight to be repaired. So my wife, at the time, and I decided to talk to her about how to bridge minds to be able to talk to us to where she wouldn’t have to feel humiliated with others whenever her Common language wasn’t all that great.” He pauses for a moment only to have a thought cross his mind on why he was even bothering to tell such a story like this whenever it pains him slightly to be able to tell it.

Coming closer into view of the cabin, Yuuiha would be able to tell that it was quite a big cabin whether the perceptions she saw in his eyesight was a bit unfamiliar to her. The cabin was that of a two story building that didn’t have much of anything fancy. The building was slightly worn and falling apart on the outside, but the stairway that lead up to the entrance seems to be the only thing that was still intact. “Course my wife passed away several years ago and my daughter was assassinated when she went traveling. Yet, I still remember that red hair of hers always bouncing up and down in the wind.” His gaze towards the hotel/cabin was slightly hypnotizing without him not really taking his eyes off of it. It was as though he was daydreaming about something, yet when he blinks he then shakes his head. “I’m sorry to have babbled on like that about my wife and daughter. I probably shouldn’t have done that. By any chance do you know what you would like to eat after you are done bathing? I’m a very good chief and can make anything that you would like for me to make.” A smile appears on his face, but he slightly hid the smile from her by looking just straight ahead at the hotel/cabin.

Meanwhile in the distance from where the owner of the stables were, the owner just gets done bathing, grooming, feeding, and taking pretty good care of Yuuhia’s companion. When the owner thinks that the horse was well tamed and taken care of he decides to go for a bit of a smoke break by the forest. He scratches a match against the bark of a tree and lights up a cigarette and inhales the smoke. While he was watching the smoke rise into the air he suddenly felt like someone was watching him. As though someone else was nearby, when he turns to look up in the tree he notices a man there and hears him mutter on about having to find Cirdan and Riku. “Good Heathens! What in this forsaken place are you doing up there?” The owner of the stables asks the man which would be that of Jedrek. Instead of answering any way of him being able to help him be on his way of finding Cirdan and Riku he looks up at the man while he takes another drag of his cigarette.
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:07 pm

Startled that someone had spoken to him, he looked down at the stable keeper and shook his head. He had no idea how he had ended up in a tree, instead of sitting on a bench like he had wanted to. He jumped from the tree and landed softly, as though he were no heavier than a cat and looked around.

"I have no idea as to how I ended up there. I was searching for the tavern, and ended up here. I really need to find my uncle and aunt soon. They have something that my father gave to them a little while after I was born. Their names are Cirdan and Riku Carsinor. Do you have any clue as to where they are?"

He waited for the stable keeper to answer him, even though he had alot to do and very little time to get it done. The next time he came back to this time would have to be the last, especially if he saved his father.
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:55 am

Keeping her own head straight ahead at the cabin she only nodded now and then to what he said. Though truth be told Yuuiha was somewhat confused as to why this man was telling her so much about his personal matters. Perhaps he simply didn’t feel comfortable about telling those he knew and finding confidence in a stranger was easier for him? Then mention of bridging minds did spark her interest as she continued to listen intently where as normally by this point she would have left her mind to wander. However, she kept quiet and allowed Renato to finish and when he asked her what she would like to eat, she suddenly felt the hunger pains in her stomach and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion.

Leaning more heavily on him, she let her eyelids drop as a force of habit while she hummed out softly in thought. “Well assuming I don’t fall asleep in the bath, some sort of warm soup and bread would be fine for me. I’m not a very picky eater nor can I really eat that much.” Soon, she found both of them nearing the stair case, something she had always hated but she felt she could trust this man. His intentions seemed to be decent enough. There was another feeling though. Yuuiha felt as though she should share a private story with this man as well as a gesture of good will yet when she thought this over, she realized there wasn't much she could tell. Life for her until this point was very bland.

Back towards the stables Mielk the horse was feeling much better as it ate ravenously before he looked up and about to where the stables master had went off to. Munching on the mouthful of grain and unable to find the stables master through sight, smell or hearing, he simply snorted at his own wasted efforts before returning his attention to food. Much more constructive.

(( Good lord, so sorry for taking so long. Finals are finally over, and Holiday shopping is almost over as well. Have abit of time finally. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:57 am

Renato’s eyes shift to the staircase as he goes into deep thought about his wife and daughter. Then he slightly chuckles at telling a story as such to this woman that he didn’t know. Whenever she leans on him more heavily than before he steadies her by outstretching his right foot to the side to help balance himself, he watches Yuuiha close her eyes and listen to her tell of what she would like to eat after her bath. In a nodded motion towards her he helps her climbs up the short few steps that would lead into the stable’s tavern.

Inside of this tavern was of course busy at the time they entered through the door to now reside in a big open area where a bartending table would reside in the far northern west corner and several chairs would fill the room up. The usual daily customers resided at their normal tables playing a few card games while having their favorite drinks. When Renato’s eyes studies the room anyone could obviously tell that the difference races were divided. The elves resided in the northern east corner of the room, the humans resided in the southern east corner, goblins, hobgoblins, and creatures of such resided in the southern west corner, and in the middle of the room would be where a few races here and there would reside. The bartender maid that resided behind the counter was busy filling orders and having the waitresses of males and females both tend the different division quarters of the room. A door greeter that normally would sit the customers at their favorite spots approaches Renato and Yuuiha from the right side of Yuuiha. “Renato! I’d like to have a word with you over the matters that reside with some of the unfamiliar guests here; they haven’t been really quite rude and have obeyed the rules. Some of them are just being very “handsy” with some of the female waitresses. Oh! Who is this young lady?” The greeter at the door would have blue sapphire eyes and long blonde silver hair. She was an elf herself and went by the name of Sonia Cantrell. Renato shifts his eyes from around the room to have them rest upon Sonia whenever she speaks to him in regards to business matters and about his companion that was heavily resting upon his left arm. “Thank you Sonia, I will speak to you in regards to those matters later. For now could I have you assist, Miss Yuuiha here to giving her a bath by chance? She will be residing her for free for the time being since ole stable master was giving her a hard time earlier.” A soft charming smile appears on Renato’s lips as he loosens his left arm from Yuuiha’s grip and places Sonia’s left hand in Yuuiha’s right hand. Sonia’s sapphire eyes light up with having the opportunity to help this woman. “Why certainly! If you welcome her here, then I’d be more than willing to help her bathe. “The three of them would remain in the doorway of the stables and before Sonia would take Yuuiha anywhere she looks towards her to make sure it would be alright to help her give her a bath.

The stables master/keeper keeps his eyes on the man that was now speaking to him. He listens intently on what they man has to say about him needing to find Mr. Cirdan and Mrs. Riku Carnisor and only nods whenever he takes a drag from his cigarette. “Well, one thing for sure most generally Cirdan and Riku can normally be found either residing in the Palace Grounds or in their private Cabin. You’re more than likely going to find them in the Palace Grounds for sure… and whatever happened to your father I wouldn’t have a clue. I’m just a stable’s keeper I don’t keep track of what the emperor and the empress does anymore. I stopped caring what they did a long time ago. Too much time wasted trying to figure out what they were up to and what they were doing half the time. Bah, if you wish to speak with them both then search there. The Palace Grounds is not far from here, if you go through this forest behind you on the other side you should hit the Palace Gardens and find the Grounds not far from there. Ye must warn you though, not too many friendly creatures in those woods behind you there. Not too many at all anymore.” The stables master/keeper puts his cigarette out on the ground and stands there to stretch waiting to be more of assistance to this man before he headed back to check up on his stead companion he left in the stables awhile back.
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:56 pm

He jumped from the tree, hearing some of what he needed to know and landed on the balls of his feet so lightly that not a sound was heard. He absorbed every word that had been said and nodded.

"Thank you, kind sir. I also need to find a good tavern in these parts. Do you know of one?"

He awaited the answer before he left, though he was a little too excited to know where he was. Tallendon had definitely changed over the years, yet he knew right where he was now.
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   Thu Jan 29, 2009 4:20 pm

The rush of voices and different noises coming from the patrons of the tavern was something that Yuuiha could never have imaged. Now that she thought about it, the city was much noisier than she could have ever imagined possible. Not that it was a bad thing but it was something Yuuiha was surprised by. She was trying to categorize the different races she was seeing with things familiar to herself and it was only at this point was she truly aware of how lacking of knowledge she really was. Of course most of the creatures and humanoid figures she had read about in books and occasionally seen one lost, but never in great numbers.

Clutching a little tighter on Renato’s arm without meaning to, she quickly released her grip when their view panned over to the figure of a rather dainty looking figure of a woman. With long ears. Extremely long ears. Yuuiha at this point had to control her curiosity to ask if they were real and instead tried to focus on other features. The conversation that passed between Renato and the woman called Sonia was deaf to Yuuiha’s ears as the young girl continued to observe the woman.

Feeling Sonia’s hand in her own brought Yuuiha back to her senses as she gave a slight jolt of surprise. Blinking her eyes, Yuuiha turned her sight to Renato as if to ask something but she thought better of it. Mumbling softly to herself a moment, she then nodded her head in what she hopes to the direction of Sonia. “The help would be appreciated. If possible, would I be able to share your eyes as well?”

(( OOC: sorry it's taking so long >< bloody damn stupid courses and start of the semester. If it isn't family it's school = - = ))
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PostSubject: Re: Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?   

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Three silver sovereigns? What's a sovereign?
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