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PostSubject: Kaline   Wed May 30, 2007 11:24 pm

~ Basics ~

Name: Kaline

Age: True age unknown but looks like to be around 22

Gender: Female

Class/Profession: Unknown

Race: Drow/ELf

Alignment: Some where in between

~ Appearance ~

Height: 5'8"

Eyes: Emerald Green

Weight: 120

Hair Color: Silverish grey

Hair Style: Usually down sometimes pulled back into a pony tail

Complexion: Fair

Build: Athletic

Scars: Once over her right eye and a few on her arms and legs.

Distinguishing Features: Her defined chin and her changing eye colors.

~ Personal ~

Weapons: A staff and a short katana and a long katana, a few shirkens that make up her belt.

Clothing: A blackish grey tanks top that comes to a point at her waist and a pair of low riding pants that hug her hips and are loosely fitted. She also wears on occasion a long tattered skirt.

Important Items: The amulet around her neck

Dialects Spoken: Drow, Elf, English, Dragon

~ Self ~

Fear: Losing everything

Dislike: Being used, losing a battle, having to fight for everything.

Like: Family, adventures, training, working hard and being trusted.

Quirks: Will lash out at people who annoy her

Flaws: Quick to temper, quite defensive, takes dragon form quite often to avoid people

Skills: Psionic skills

Magic: Has the ability to shift into a black dragon, also the ability to create and control fire and light.

~ Family ~
When she was born she was pretty much abandoned. Not knowing her real family. Then some one found her and they adopted her. They were outcasts of a village and so they lived excluded form everyone. She never learned their names because they were killed when she was 3. So she was pretty much raised by the military.

~ History ~
When she was born, her parents left her in a bush by the side of the road. It was forbidden to have a child within your house. If you did you would have been killed. Well her mother hid the pregnancy till she was due. Then her and her husband went into a field and she bore a beautiful baby girl with emerald colored eyes. Crying she handed the baby to her father and they both blessed her and left her in a bush. Covered her with grass and knew the child wouldn't cry.

A few hours later, a couple wandered upon the bush and spotted it move a bit. The woman grabbed her machete and stalked upon the bush. Ripping back the grass, she gasped. Looking to her husband she motioned him over and she scooped up the girl. They had just lost their little girl to a strange illness. So they took her in. Whispering into the little girls ear," And you will be called Kaline. Our beautiful little girl." She kissed the girls forehead and the baby cooed softly.

Several years later the little girl was playing outside the house in the back. A doll her mother made her was sitting in front of her and she was talking to it. She had animated it so it was talking back. Her adopted parents were proud. All of a sudden, an explosion of screams and metal on metal ripped through the silence of the house. Shouts and screams echoed off the trees around her. Stunned she turned around and stood up. Facing the house she ran towards it. The back door was already open she barreled through it. Standing there she watched both her adopted parents get slaughtered. She tightened her fists and tears fell down her cheeks. One of the men that was watching the execution of the two outcasts. They scooped her up and that was the last time she ever saw a kind human being.

Seventeen odd years went passed and she stood there. Fully armored and ready for battle. Her face set in stone as she raised her sword. Charging forward into the front line of vampires. She was swinging then something hit the back of her helmet. She fell unconscious among the dead soldiers and vampires.

She woke up and slide her helmet off. Looking at the large dent in the back of her helmet. Laughing softly she muttered," Thank the goddess that it didn't go through." She propped her helmet up on her hip and walked off. She had no clue where she was. Whistling a bit she growled and put her helmet back on and transformed into a large black dragon. She took off and looked around. Spotting a large kingdom she landed just out side of the gates and shifted back. She sighed softly as a familiar feeling pooled in her gut. She couldn't remember anything about her past life or what happened before she returned to the military. She pushed the doors open and wandered inside hoping to find someone to talk to.

Personality: Sweet, caring, easy tempered, loyal, eager to find her past.
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