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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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 Elros Carnisor

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Elros Carnisor
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PostSubject: Elros Carnisor   Thu Nov 22, 2007 6:49 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: Elros Carnisor
Age:  60,000
Gender:  Male
Class: Assassin
Profession: Blacksmith
Race:  High Elf
Alignment:  Chaotic Good

~ Appearance ~
Height:  6’1
Eyes:   Blue
Hair Color:  White
Hair Style:  Pulled down over his shoulders and made
Complexion:  Pale
Build:  Muscular
Scars:  None
Distinguishing Features:  None

~ Personal ~
Shadow Daggers:basically gives Elros the ability to manipulate the shadows upon his own will which makes him almost impossible to see once the abilities activated, however he have to be surrounded by shadowy elements to make it work, if it was sunny for example then the ability itself would be useless out in the open.

Crossbow: Elros would be wielding a Drow crossbow, especially made from the race, it contains sleeping darts that if it hits it's target would knock them out completely until someone wakes them up or kills them.

Elros mostly wears a helm almost like a ninja like mask, covers half his face, upon his upper torso he would wear his black suite of armor and leggings, as well as leather boots. He also keeps his Shadow Daggers hidden in his boots in a special case designed for the daggers. His armor is well protected by any magical scrying devices so if anyone  attempts to spy on him by magical means they would only see a cloud of dust. However this does not hide him from anyone physically following him.

Dialects Spoken:  All languages

~ Self ~
Fear:  Nothing
Dislike:  Ignorant people
Like:  To study sometimes on his arcane skills in magic and he likes spending time with his family and friends and his loved ones
Quirks:  Ignorant people bother him the most because they are so selfish and ignorant to the world and to all living things.
Flaws:  Limited magic usage he gets drained after certain amount of magic used.

Skills: Elros is a skilled Archer, and assassin as well a blacksmith he is well known for creating fine weapons, however he is also skilled on the weapons he does create or uses, he's not so fond of sorcery or magic
as Cirdan does, his only allies and trusted ones would be his weapons his crossbow and daggers which he keeps hidden most the time.  He would be well trained in using his daggers, but his more experienced with the crossbow.

(Elros doesn't use magic much, however he does know a few spells that help him when it comes to stealth and distractions)

Ghost Sound: Creates a noise off in the distance,  like a booming noise or any noise Elros chooses to create, if used properly he'd be able to distract his opponents or anyone he wishes to avoid.

Dancing lights: Creates a barrier of light which would blind his opponent if they do not shield there eyes in time, though the effect of the blindness would be temporary.

~ Family ~
Life Mates: Meledare
Son: Cirdan

~ History ~
Personality:  Sometimes he keeps to himself,  very outgoing, and he can be brutally honest even if someone don’t like it, and he is one of those people that won’t take nothing from no one and he don’t care how strong they are compared to him.

Character’s History: His history is tied into Cirdan’s own story and history together all that is known he used to be called Knight Elf Mage for awhile within Lensia  because no one knew his real name,  His wife Song died by a vampire assassin named Alpha who now hunts him down along with his blood line he ran and changed his name from knight elf mage to Elros he had abandon Cirdan to a couple who wanted to have a child but could not so they have adopted him, while Elros ran off in hiding to protect his only son though once Cirdan become old enough, Cirdan ran into Elros and Elros acted more his guardian then his own father: But soon after Cirdan became captured and enslaved (Read Cirdan’s story for that one ) Elros later on after several of searching rescued Cirdan and as he watched his son escape and living well he moved on with his life always in the distance ensuring his safety. Coming to him when he needed him the most, he then departed after Cirdan raised his first kingdom of Siannodel and then he met YUna Asukra Sierra Wolf a mixture between... Elemental Angelic Wolf Demon. After spending several hours with her however he had grown fond of her though keeping a strict promise to himself that he would not get to close to anyone,  Elros however ignored his own rule he figured the assassin gave up the chase or found something bigger as he dropped his security he indeed fell in love with her, though she remained more a mystery to her but that was what compelled him and attracted him to her was the ideal he did not know much of her and her past, he knew without a doubt they’d become perhaps eternal partners within this world of chaos and law and good and evil.

~ Bond ~
Name:  Faernos
Species:  White Eagle
Gender:  Male
Age:  N/A
Personality: Friendly  

~ Pets ~
Name: Faernos
Species:  white Eagle
Gender:  Male
Age:  N/A
Personality:  Friendly
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Elros Carnisor
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