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 View from Above

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PostSubject: Re: View from Above   Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:10 pm

*She would smile in pleasure as her offering for lunch pleased him, blushing at his lingering smile. She would move over quickly to be closer to him with his gesture, feeling the heat of his body where she pressed into him. The sensation of memory, familiarity in this situation she knew she hadn’t been in before rushed over her. She would glimpse a handsome smile, not unlike the one Jamus was giving her now and the memory of how soft his hair was, before the memory rushed away as he took her hand leaving her looking happily confused and slightly off kilter.*

*She would look deeply into his prismatic eyes while he spoke, staring at him like the lifeline he is. She would nod and agree with him as he spoke, he was the kindest Master she had heard of anywhere…it made sense for her to like him as well as obey him. She closed her eyes at his soft touch on her thigh and opened them comfortably as he cupped her chin. When he moved his hand again she would bite her lower lip gently, leaving it slightly reddened before he leaned in and kissed her.*

*The sensation of his soft lips against hers and his hand on her would leave a slight flush all over her skin, fairly visibly in the small white dress she was wearing. She would lean into the kiss as long as he did and sigh when it was so shortly moved away. Her sigh was soft, audible only to him as she smiled at him and bit her lip again to not ask. She wanted to ask why, and again, and more, and what, but her training kept her silent and demure, only the soft sigh an expression of her inner secret thoughts. *

*She would smile at him as he spoke again, nodding even more, glad to hear that she was not unpleasing due to her affection for him. She would try to follow his instructions and would wait for him to summon someone to accept his order. She would wait for Jamus to finish and would speak quietly to the man.* “I would like bread as well, and some fruit please.” *She spoke as if it was strange to speak for herself, and it was. She wondered how hard it would be to be a Master, and have to make all decision all the time, and shook her head.*

*She would look over at Jamus as the waiter huffed off to fill their orders, sitting next to him with his hand on her thigh and her lips tingling from their kiss. She tried to think of how to thank him, and settled her smiling up at him and speaking softly* “Thank you. Master Jamus you make this world so much easier to understand that before I was yours.”

*She wondered if he understood how many things he had made clear to her. With her lack of memory she truly didn’t know much of how the world worked. He had explained to her the duties and rewards of her position as his slave…the only position she envied was that of his body-slaves, they were able to give him more than she was allowed. Hopefully that would change once he found his spell.*

*Not only did he teach her how to behave he taught her how to avoid trouble with other masters and so many things her mind felt stuffed to overflowing sometimes. She might be simple in many ways, but she was pleased to be given knowledge of how to be the best she could be. It fit with the few memories that she did have. She remembered that there had been a male, she wasn’t sure he was Avariel, but she thought so; and she remembers a waterfall – but that was all of her life before the slavers in Mordare.*
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PostSubject: Re: View from Above   Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:56 pm

Off kilter but happy, that was usually Lyra’s state of being. Truthfully he liked it. though he did wonder what rattled around in her mind sometimes… the look she had always brought a smile to his lips, even if he knew she was remembering someone else. But nevertheless. Her transition form memory to real awareness, and eventually seeing him was enjoyable because her smile never faded. And often, like now, it strengthened.

“And you Lyra make this world for more comfortable for me. I don’t think I ever would have come through all this with out you and remained both sane and in as goof of shape as I am today had I not had you always with me”

He smiled at her and took her chin once more and kissed her again. His hidden hand continuing its game for a few more moments but then as his lips eventually left hers so too did his hand move away form its prize and rest gently on her leg in a more appropriate place.

“Tonight I think we shall reside in our new temporary estate, we shall explore the grounds, then get far more comfortable and have a good long grooming for you before some attention for me… what do you think Lyra? A good hot bath? Some time to fly freely inside the estates grounds? And maybe a nice rub for me?”

SURE there were ulterior motives behind spoiling her. but there was no way she was unaware of how much he liked her body, like having it in perfect care and cleanliness, and of course the rewards he got from her after words.

A few moments later, the haughty waiter came back with breads and cheeses and fruits for them. and of course a glass of Cider for Jamus. All was set down politely and quickly , then the human left them alone again so that Jamus could go back to ignoring everything but her. OH if only she knew why he kept her around, if only she knew what the spell he sought truly would do… but she didn’t. And that made her all the more perfect companion.
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PostSubject: Re: View from Above   Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:52 pm

*She would blush deeper at his words, his compliments were not common enough that she had ever gotten used to them. She would lean into his kiss again, sweetly asking for more with every motion of her lips. She would lick her lips as he moved away; sighing again with the wish he would do it again. It was a soft sigh, as she had no intention of asking for anything from her wonderful master, he would give what he desired and she would obey. It was the way of things. She leaned into him gently for just a second, a way of hugging him without moving from the position he wanted her in, smiling warmly up at him.

His next words brought a wide smile to her face and she would bite her lower lip to hold in her excitement as her eyes danced. “Really? I would love to stretch out more, the caravan always got so nervous, and…” *She would look at him with her violet eyes shining in happiness. She loved getting to help him bathe, and to take the time to let her wings dry as she helped care for her Jamus. Her face would drop in sudden memory of the oils she had found, and left behind in the market. She had caused him trouble today and yet he was still going to allow her so many gifts, to fly, to bathe, to care for him.

Her face would lighten as her normal good cheer found her, and she would nod happily at him. At least she knew they were here in this market. She could send out someone with more knowledge to go get the oils, and that way she would not be without still. She knew that it would please him greatly to discover the pleasure it would bring him, the increase in his happiness would filter throughout everyone. He was a good master, and she was intent on being worthy of him as she had once been worthy of; a face flashed before her eyes, and a silent name that she knew she once had imprinted in her memory before flickering away as the food was delivered.

She looked at the plates of food the waiter delivered and wondered why the man seemed so unhappy with them. Perhaps he was a bad slave? Perhaps slaves were not supposed to be allowed inside in this city? She did not understand at all how there could be so many different customs and rules in so many places. She had heard that there were places which did not allow slaves; everyone was expected to belong only to themselves? The mere thought of such places made her shake her head as if to shake out the strange thought.

She smiled as she looked at the food, it was much better than the caravans travel rations, though Jamus had always gotten better than average food – the bread had always been pretty unimpressive. This was wonderful, fluffy, light, and when she tasted it she smiled, it was wonderful. She would nibble on the cheese, surprised to find it as good as the bread; perhaps the rumor that elves had some wonderful food was not too far off. She ate in tiny bites, prepared to stop at any moment he would need her to, to speak if commanded, or sing if he would like.

He did not often ask her to sing in public, she had the impression that he did not like the song-bird comments directed at her from some of the listeners. She simply nibbled and kept her eyes down as she smiled in happiness at his hand on her, and the feel of the collar on her neck a reminder of her place. He would most likely be more than pleased at the sense of loyalty in her thoughts, though her most likely kept tabs on her with Silma. The little flitter was most likely about causing trouble, or guarding their belongings at the inn they left their belongings at. She wondered quickly if they would need to go and direct carters to carry their things, or if Jamus had already taken care of it. She smiled up at him, he had probably already taken care of it all while they were in the building.*
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PostSubject: Re: View from Above   

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View from Above
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