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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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 Continuation of lost and alone

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PostSubject: Continuation of lost and alone    Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:46 pm

He move her through the portal dragging her non to gently, as he had her by the collar as part of the bindings he had secured on her, they would appear in the middle of some dark temple that was built within the under-dark of the Empire. There was an alter in the center of it as he ushered her towards it, and as if they had a life of their own flames appeared all around the alter and the room before them, and a statue of the Spider Queen could be seen glaring down upon them. '' You will die here '' he said calmly as he brought her forth on the alter and magically binding her there , he grab hold of his dagger as he twirled it around his slender fingers and cut the cloth fabric from her cloths from head to toe allowing them to flow down upon the ground '' You will be my play thing until I feel like getting rid of you, and do understand crying out help won't save you here, no one cares enough to rescue a damsel in distress...'' he said as he teased her some with his dagger, allowing it to press against her soft skin the cold steel of the blade would cause some chill upon the women once it touches the skin '' If you escape, you will be killed on the spot '' he promised as he spoke some and continuing to tease her with the dagger ... '' he would look upon her and a smirk '' To bring agony to your father and brother.. I know they will come to the under-dark to rescue you '' he said calmly as he eyed the women allowing the gravity of the situation sink in, he gaze upon her as he watches the spider that seems to crawl upon her legs..
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Continuation of lost and alone
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