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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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Bianca Rosemont
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PostSubject: Re: untitled((open))   Sat Dec 27, 2014 7:51 pm

Her eyes would widen as the male spoke, she had never encountered anyone so kind before at least not to her..."Thank you...." she said softly looking between those who sat at the table with her. How would she eat, how could she survive if she couldn't hunt within the city. She couldn't just walk up to someone and ask...could she? Bianca tilted her head as she glanced at the one known as cirdan, she had met him before, she had recognized his scent the moment he had stepped into the ally and he had offered to.... Her gaze dropped to his wrist, she wouldn't even have to wince to see the vein throbbing along it, she took in a deep un-needed breath that made her shriveled lungs burn, her tiny fangs throbbing as the poked out beneath her lip she was almost salivating at the thought of wrapping her plump pink lips around him, his warm flesh being suckled into her mouth, the salt rolling over her tongue before she would bite down...a soft moan escaped her followed by the growling of her stomach. Her gaze snapped up as she covered her mouth."I'm sorry..." she swallowed hard, her mouth was so damn dry, how long had she been like that...She looked around nervously, if she could blush she would be right now.
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Cirdan Carnisor
Emperor Of Tallendon
Emperor Of Tallendon

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PostSubject: Re: untitled((open))   Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:44 am

The bar tender came about to collect the drinks, and the bartender looked towards Cirdan for a moment as he bound over Cirdan being careful not to mention it too loudly for the others to hear it around the table. With a nod he would bound towards the end of the bar as he went into another storage of supplies and poured what appeared to be red liquid, it was blood mostly used for Vampires and he moved towards Bianca and handed it off towards her with a knowing wink, letting her know her secrets safe. Cirdan nodded grateful towards the bar keep '' It is no problem at all Lady Bianca and there are many ways in which you can survive in this city for your kind, I have instructed the barkeep to tend to what you need to survive...'' he explained calmly '' We do have blood sources other than humans and or other races, we use it on animals..It should be enough for you my dear. '' he said with a wink as he sips his drink and falls silent turning his attention too Thassarian '' I wouldn't recommend her leaving the city with the current threat with the random attacks taking place and raids especially outside in the outskirts of the towns and smaller villages. '' he said more towards Thassarian and Bianca both as he clasps his hands together placing them on his lap his blue eyes looked upon Bianca for a moment '' I am not so much worried about the undead as I am worried about others like that guard you encountered. '' He would explain calmly before she would react or anyone '' The undead wouldn't strike out at you is what I mean, for you would probably blend in with them given your current state with the vampirism '' he mentioned the last part in a hushed whisper, loud enough for both of them to hear but not those around him '' The Guards can leave her alone of course but what about bandits and such? '' he looked at the dragon.

Do keep the present in thought, an illusion can kill you if you believe in it.
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