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 A home away form home (Open RP )

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Elros Carnisor
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PostSubject: A home away form home (Open RP )   Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:36 pm

The journey was uneventful as the pair made their way towards the cabins, once or twice he would glance her way and at the bracelet; that part of him also was afraid of what would become of the child as well. He could not help but shake those feelings out of him; he guided her on the horse allowing her to sit on the saddle securely. He would walk her along the path and he did his best to pick the best path possible and he took a cautious lead as his eyes glances around the forests unknown to the dangers within it and he did not want to cause anything to stir, once or twice perhaps his hands reached to the hilts of his swords as If upon instinct to do so.

He did not say much upon the journey he remained silent as if he had a private council with himself about other matters at hand, Cirdan was gone he was dead as far as he knew, he lost his son already to darkness, however the truth is he was never his true son more his guardian his real parents died so long ago, and now he joins them he could not help but feel the guilt of the loss of a whole family, he was friends of Cirdan’s real father and sworn to his mother he would keep him safe and he had failed her. There was some anguish upon his face as he thought about these events and he kept telling himself it was beyond his control as if reconciling himself over and over again.

One would question as to why he would give up everything, perhaps it was because he had no one else left except his wife and now he sworn that he may have failed to protect Cirdan whom he viewed as his son, It was a fathers instinct he grieved perhaps, and now his greatest fear is the unborn child would he fail him to? He wondered to himself. Upon the outside of his thoughts he remained calm and confidence upon every step, he was sure he did not want Meledare to know his pains he is suffering. However he knew she would know and sense his feelings of guilt as well.

They reached the edge of the forest after guiding them and after what seems days of silence he gave pause as he looked down below at the waters, he would motion towards the cabins that seem not to far off from a water fall that fell into the ocean, down below a small beach would be there and a wooden cabin ‘’ This is it, we will rest here one more night and then we make are way down to our new home, where we live the rest of our days until our child is born, I have already hired a hand maiden to look after you and be there to help push the child out of your wound. ‘’ he said calmly as he gazed at her for a moment masking his fears for her benefit he would help her down off the horse offer his assistance
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Meledere Carnisor
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PostSubject: Re: A home away form home (Open RP )   Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:03 pm

Meledere would sit in silence as he guided the steed along the trails, her gaze lowered as she could feel the different emotions rushing through him. Every so often she would catch his gaze; it would slowly drift from her face taking away his weary smile. She knew it would rest on the bracelet, the one that kept her under control the monster inside of her lurking in the dark corners of her mind waiting for its chance to escape. She sighed feeling its weight against her flesh, taking her other hand to give it a quick turn her fingertip brushing against the symbols that were engraved in the gold. “Please, think of something else.” She would look up at him, forcing her lips to curl back into a comforting smile.

They had traveled for what seemed an eternity in silence, she would look over to him every so often reassuring herself that he was still there, only making the minimum number of stops to camp along the way. Her eyes would widen as they reached the cliff, smiling as the breeze picked up filling her lungs with the salty smell of the ocean. ”It’s beautiful.” She would speak softly, her smile returning as she looked down at the small cabin below.

Mele placed her hands on his shoulders as he helped her slip down onto her feet. “Why would I need the help, you are here.” She would lean in pressing her lips gently to his cheek trying to comfort him. “I asked to leave so we could be alone, at least get a head start on our family before we are sucked back in. Is that so bad?” she would smile again as she placed her fingertips against his jawline trying to bring his gaze to her.
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Elros Carnisor
Tallendons Council Members

Number of posts : 183
Age : 34
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PostSubject: Re: A home away form home (Open RP )   Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:47 pm

He smiled at her as he gripped a hold of Meledare’s hands as he escorted her down towards the ravine which leads to the beach house. Of course that was when the atmosphere changed when they walked seeming oblivious to it at first as Goblins seem to silently crawl up upon the trees as they bring out there bow each stringing an arrow upon it, attaching it if you would; in mean time Elros looked upon Meledare after she had spoken of him not to think such thoughts ‘’ I am sorry I cannot help it … ‘’ he said as he looked around the Ravine something in him nagged at him, he pulled Meledare closer to him; his hands coming to his shadow blades the sword itself, was nothing of a shadowy aura which he draws the energy from.

He looked around silently keeping a vigil Orcs tend to cross these paths, and he knew from earlier he spotted smoke not too far from here. ‘’ Were being hunted ‘’ he said calmly as his eyes averted from each shadowy crevice and upon the trees that stood around the area. ‘’ Orcs at least five of them from what I can sense out of this group…’’ he sighs as he looked about ‘’ So much for a peaceful journey ‘’ he said rather cryptically. He begin a series of spell casting he did this in his mind as the wind seems to pick up around them, as if being controlled by an unseen force and he guide them to where the Archers are who seem at the moment oblivious to what’s transpiring around them.
He awaited for the two to make their way towards them, As the Orc drew it’s string with the arrow he let it fly towards the pair with full speed, and upon the nick of time Elros manages to cause the wind to increase, as if by some luck or chance he manages to conjure a shadow clone of himself as it took onto physical form in front of them, the arrow struck true but it did not harm the original copy. ‘’ My turn ‘’ he said as he waved his hands and conjured a funnel cloud from the skies as it descended upon the Orc causing him to fly out of its tree with tornado like winds his way.

He was careful however as he placed an anti-magical barrier around both him and Meledare so the spell shouldn't affect them as the Orc slammed hard against the rocky walls oviousely dead, of course several more Orcs came charging at them with swords and clubs raised upon the air charging at all speeds ‘’ I think….’’ He said to Meledare as he released his held ‘’ it is around this time you should learn how to defend yourself ‘’ as he said this he take off her bracelet knowing the risks, the moment he did he swung his sword to intercept quickly the first orc that attempted to strike at her, twisting his body he disarms the orc sending his shadow blade upon the Orcs back striking through his heart and ripping his sword back out as he dropped dead.
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PostSubject: Re: A home away form home (Open RP )   

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A home away form home (Open RP )
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