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 Here we go again!((open))

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PostSubject: Here we go again!((open))   Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:34 am

Kara stands taking in a deep breath as her head falls back her eyes gazing up towards the sky as she stretches once more her hand swiftly coming up to brush away some feathers that remained from her well-kept golden armor that seemed to shimmer as it reflected the light from the sun. She lightly ran her tongue along her lips moistening them as her hands came up to release her cloak allowing it to fall to the ground behind her piece by piece she removed her armor gently setting it on the ground in a pile until nothing more remained.

She smiles as she steps forward wiggling her toes in the sand before slowly skimming it along the surface of the water she begins move out a little further until her silky blonde hair lifts from her lower back to float along the surface. Her eyes shut once more as her back arches allowing her to dip her hair in the water as the warmth from the sun beats down on her chest, her muscles relaxing as she lowers herself stopping once the water reaches her shoulders.

She needed this so badly to allow herself a small moment of peace after all that had taken place. Kara shook her head as her eyes remained down on the water watching as it rippled around her body images of her mother and father filling her mind her eyes began to swell, she growled. “Not now, just give me this.” She said softly quickly going completely under, her arms moving slowly as she moved herself through the water. It had been a long time since she had seen her mother the memories of the family she once had always seemed to haunt her. Her mother blamed her for her father’s death when she was just a child leaving her to fend for herself among the scavengers, murderers and thieves of this cruel place and no matter how far she went or how hard she fought she couldn’t seem to escape it.

Kara took in a deep breath as she broke through the surface wiping away the excess water from her eyes with the back of her hand. She reaches back wrapping the length of her hair around her hand to let it hang over her shoulder as her fingertips pass though it one time to comb out the knots, slowly making her way back to the shore.

She stands there for a moment in silence allowing the water to drip from her body soaking the sand around her feet before retrieving her cloak wrapping it around her body and sitting herself down her legs stretching out. Kara leaned back placing her hands flat on the ground behind her as she closed her eyes. “Why must I always allow myself to become distracted, maybe this is why mother had blamed me?” As a child she didn’t care much for training always smiling up at her father as he reminded her mother she was just a child “Our little gift.” As he would call her. “Allow her to grow into it over time.” But that only made her mother push her harder Kara never seeming to understand or do anything right.

Kara swallowed hard as she lowered her head lightly blowing a soft breeze of her own against the feathers outlining the edges of her cloak watching as they swayed. “Maybe you will one day get your wish.” She said softly as she plucks one of the feathers opening her hand so that it is flat allowing it to be picked up by a small gust of wind that quickly carried it further downstream. “Maybe you will never be forced to see me again.”
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PostSubject: Re: Here we go again!((open))   Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:10 am

Aneya could feel each shriek to the skies healing and securing the departure of Cirdan into the new life that the winds have swept him to. Just as any losing a friend that was still a gaping hole within her that would take only time to seal. Her wings were spread wide, each beat done with calculation to gather the clouds.

Even as one eye watched the heavens for a sign from her friend that his passing had put him in a better place, one eye swept the ground for any that would be causing trouble on this dark day. Passing over the lake a glint of gold pulled her to sweep back and look closer.

What she saw pulled on her soul but not enough for her to take notice. Instead she saw a woman laying upon the sands in serenity. No others were in sight right now, but something about this creature spoke to her that she could assist in the final funeral for the grand soul lost.

Her body tilted slightly to allow herself to bank and begin a downward spiral. Another shriek tearing through the air shattering the peace as well as announcing her entrance. Her body only growing larger the closer to the ground she came. Her entire size enough take off with an elephant if she wished.
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PostSubject: Re: Here we go again!((open))   Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:12 am

Her eyes shot open as she heard the loud shriek, the pained sound forcing her ears to pin back tightly against her skull. She didn’t bother to cover her body as she seen the large, she tilted her head her brows bunching together as she examined the creature in the sky. “Hawk?” She sat up stretching out her legs as she rested her weight on the palms of her hands that sunk into the sand behind her. Her armor rested in the sand close by in a neat pile, her weapons propped against it but she didn’t feel the need to rush for them.
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PostSubject: Re: Here we go again!((open))   

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Here we go again!((open))
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