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 Character Development Questions and Answers.

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PostSubject: Character Development Questions and Answers.   Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:26 pm

The following is a simple exercise you can use for a character development even if you are well developed I think this is worth going over if you like it post yours here. I would love to read yous. Take some time to really reflect on your character. Don't go for what you think sounds cool. Look beyond the obvious and delve deeper. Its amazing what you can learn about you character.

What do they value? What's important to them?
Sharla a priestess of many many years an lifetimes of experiences values many things. Among them Good, Justice, Life, Beauty, Passion and fairness.

These are not always textbook definitions that she goes for. She may see the justice of one system and think it unjust see the good of some ones eye and think it bad or vice versa. Her outlook is her own as free spirited as she is

In the passion department non earn her admiration quite like humans for in their short years they hold so much more passion then she could ever muster in a given century.

What do they do? (for both a living and a hobby?)
Sharla is a healer and priestess. She is of the opinion that such services should never be charged for if the patron is poor. As such she makes a very modest income working with herbs and doing minor seamstress type stuff given she can and has made her own dresses before.

For hobbies she likes riding on horseback, dancing, and reading poetry anything that frees her mind of her many worries. She also loves learning new things exploring to satisfy her curious nature. Vowing once to count all the stars in the heavens a task to date she still has not managed.

Lastly she collects stories. A passionate story teller and avid listener she is always eager to hear of the newest adventure or some unheard legend or lore.

What do they need?
Sharla needs to feel like she is making a difference. A change for the better. She needs some one who will help her through her troubled times and let her help them when her skills allow it. She needs a place she can call home. Lastly she needs some one to help her soften up and realize it is okay to be vulnerable. It is okay to be weak.

What do they want?
Sharla is weary. Years of adventuring and hardships have taken their toll. She wants a apprentice whom she can teach so she can lay down her staff ad live a peace. She wants a simple life a husband and children the things time and again fate has denied her.

Too does she want the world to be better, knowing it can be. Having traveled near and far she has seen the very best ad the very worst. She knows that people are capable of and what they can aspire to. She wants to build and or cultivate a perfect Utopia where there is no suffering. An impossible dream.

What do they fear?
Sharla has a myriad of fears. The most obvious being her fear of the dark or rather the thing she sees in total darkness. However she is also afraid id losing her freedom an of being forgotten. Its why she works so hard to do so much so that. When she is killed some one will remember her.

Having been captured, even enslaved she values her freedom. It is something she will fight for.

What is the most difficult thing your character is struggling with right now?
A sense of identity and finding out where her values lay. Once an avid pacifist now she will fight and refuses to be that "weak woman" anymore. This negative self talk comes from the realization that many of her predicaments could have been avoided if she had been willing to fight her way out of them To realize that often there is o prince on a white steed that will come and rescue you of if he is he is lost out in Bermuda.

Add to this she is trying to make the world better if she can. Yet how can you fix a problem so big and so vast? Ones that are Self perpetuating and systemic. She isn't sure but she feels that some day the world will achieve peace and she intends to have a hand in its cultivation.

How does that struggle give them one problem they want to solve?
As the saying goes a house at war with itself can not stand. This is true and she at times is at war with herself. Hating to fight hating to be that weak woman once more she needs to come to a place of peace with herself. o easy task as once firmly set opinions are very hard to change short of an epiphany or counseling.

How can the people in your roleplay community help solve this problem?
I wish it were as simple as pointing it out but natural character development is not this way. She must be supported ad shown that yes it is okay to be both a fighter and be vulnerable ad it doesn't make you a hypocrite. Show don't tell as the writing adage goes.

Who/what stands in the way of the solution that they are seeking?
Largely her own fears an insecurities. She is terrified to show any weakness as people might pounce on it like wolves on a wounded animal. Having had a number of people use and abuse her over the years she never wants to go through it again. Yet the harder she becomes the more likely she will crack. A few people whose opinion she values can shape this as well .

How does your character come into conflict with others (Whether hero or villains)?
Sharla is very righteous for better or worse. She is intolerant to things she considers wrong. Having confronted peasant to king and more. As such it has made her a plethora of enemies. Also She is a priestess for good this ensures she will be in conflict with Infernal demons and many of the evil denisons.

What you find so interesting and compelling about your character. Like, what is it you really want to pursue or develop - If you could envision the perfect storyline for your character, what would it look like?
Hmmm well first off how I came about with her is a really unique ad personal story. She is based of a real person that died a long long long time ago. I am not willing to divulge the story to many but it is fascinating to those who know it. She also is both a reflection of me and a yard stick. Sharla started out as an aspiration as what the best of me could be could do. Since then she has become more three dimensional. She still has aspects and facets of me which I think is true for all the characters we play.

As for a story line, I would love to be thrown a challenge of how to solve something that challenges her. It is alright to have help but I dont want some one to step in and solve it for her. I want to try and discover other strengths in her beyond just magical. Internal strengths which I am convinced she has a lot of.

As a writer, what skills do YOU want to hone and pursue?

I am working on Sharla's trilogy, well as a few other pet projects.I am using here as a catalyst to keep the creative fires hot and the juice flowing. Also I expect to be challenged to better myself. My spelling my grammar everything I know sucks balls. Even making improvements I know I will need an editor. however, I still want to learn for learning sake.

Also I want to be challenged to become an all around better writer how to write more engaging story line and how to rite epics without looking like I am raping tropes or using them badly. I never wanna look like Stephanie Meyer.

Hop you all enjoyed this. Love you and look forward to your answers.
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Character Development Questions and Answers.
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