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 Towards New Endeavors

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PostSubject: Towards New Endeavors   Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:16 pm

Calm. Calm and quiet. With eyes closed the mind turns inward and all about ceases to exist yet lives on through other means. The heart beats loud breath is like that of a wind storm. But as one twists his mind to put himself aside and pay attention only to that around him. To the world and not just the speck that he is upon it, he begins to truly see his surroundings. Sun casts heat upon ones scaly hide, the cool wind caresses, smoke from a nearby empire waifs in through small nostrils. Breath slows as does the racing of the heart as meditation sets in and all is calm.

The field of dandelions begins to open wide and take form as the small Kobald dressed in ragged peasant fabrics of yellow, green, and grey, sits seemingly alone and silent within the center of it all. His legs crossed, and arms draped over knees with palms open and upward. His slow calming breaths make his chest hardly even move. His mind so focused on all about and nothing at all he begins to not only see his combatant but feel it, smell it, hear it. The small Kobald lost within his meditation truly understanding his adversary for what it is.

Dandelions sway to and fro in the calm breeze of the day, as the Kobald sits silent seemingly unaware of his surroundings. Seeming entirely unaware of the truth of his adversary scattered about him, taunting him in ways that no other could truly understand. Calm, calm and quiet envelope the small creature as he takes in one soft, nearly undetectable, finalizing breath.

An explosion erupts as the lizard like peasant leaps from seat to feet with a blinding attack. Spinning about so poetically none would believe possible of that of a Kobald. Spinning Back Fist, Whipping Tail, and Dropping Stomp. High Knee, Double Thrust Punch, Lead Palm, Rear Palm, Reverse Kick. Spinning Roundhouse, Foot Sweep, Tail Sweep. High Jump into Flying Heel Drop, Elbow Strike, Downward Knife Hand. A whirlwind of movement as the small warrior moves from adversary to victim. Gouge, Double Judi Chop, Flying Multi Kick, Rolling Tumble into Crouching Open Palm Double Thrust. Moonsault, Backflip Kick, Tail Strike, Spin Kick. Lead Chop, Rear Chop, Tiger Claw, Upper Cut, Spinning Twist, Tail Slash. On and on the flurry erupts as the tireless Kobald enacts his own style of vengeance upon all those around him. Stumbling Sweep, Cross Foot, Lightning Strike, Crane. Calm…

Calm and quiet as the Kobald stands silent, hardly a heave of his chest as he breathes softly and eyes open to the devastation he has enacted upon all those around him. Seedless heads waving with the wind upon their stems as the parachuted seeds sore and swim through the soft breeze all about the lone Kobald. A quiet ivory shower of seeds floating all about the Kobald as he stands motionless, his reddish yellow eyes locking onto the one remaining dandelion swaying inches from his dangerous feet.

“I can hear you, Nettle.” The soft spoken call escapes from a usually yipping race. His common though not often used, more than sufficient for any learned in the tongue to understand. Slowly he reaches down and plucks the remaining weed from the ground and holds it out. “For you.” He insists softly his eyes trained upon the Dandelion. “To do with as you please.” Then just as easily as it all began the Kobald slips from feet to seat, still holding the dandelion out before him as his eyes slowly turn toward the road that traverses several small hills on it's way to the nearby Tallendon. “And as I promise, no hairs cut.”
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PostSubject: Re: Towards New Endeavors   Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:08 pm

She drew in a deep breath in as she watched the peaceful scene before her. Her partner's constant need for meditation bored her to the bone. She hated sitting for any reason. And sitting for long amounts of time while there was so many things to do.... Well, for her that was just wasteful. "Silly ninja sitting down, let's get up and see the town. There are so many things to see, please get up and come with me?"

Her words had only been a suggestion to the man but he jumped up and made her bolt for cover. From the shade and protection of her tiny dandelion, she watched as he obliterated ever single fluffy seed pod next to her. One by one, the dastardly flowers were destroyed, leaving behind a blood spray of little white seeds floating in the air. She closed her eyes and squeezed them shut. And, then... stillness once more. And a soft high-pitched voice calling to her.

Poking her head from behind her barrier, she smiled and zipped up to perch on the kobold's shoulder. "Wowwy wow. You sure can fight. Those dandelions won't pick on you tonight." She nodded her head so vigorously her neck began to hurt. And when Arff lifted the last flower up to her, she grinned. "A kobold like you is hard to come by. Sweet and gentle and won't tell a lie." With that, she left his shoulder and took the stem of the flower from him, dropping a little before her wings could compensate for the extra weight.

Then, with one quick spin and a shrill peal of laughter, the dandelion was destroyed much as the rest of the field had been. Only, this one had a tiny exception. One stubborn seed clung to the head of the flower. Glaring at it for a moment she then shrugged and plucked it free, letting the stem fall to the earth. Tucking it behind her ear, she flittered over to stand on the monk's head. "Even if mischief is my passion, I always make time for a little fashion."
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PostSubject: Re: Towards New Endeavors   Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:35 pm

There companionship was odd to say the least, but no more odd then a Kobald assassin or even a Pixie… Well, no more odd then a Pixie, itself. And for the two to have found one another and joined together in adventure, well Arff just chalked that up as one of the Mystics of life. Not to be explained, no matter how deeply it was contemplated.

The small Kobald smiled softly at his even smaller companion’s rhyming words. A smile that would seem wicked with those sharp canines, should one not know the soft spoken Kobald that sprouted it with good nature and intent toward his diminutive comrade. His smile broadened even more when Nettle whipped about and obliterated the weed sending its seeds to the wind with the others of the field.

“So let it be,” He agreed with a slight nod. “Let us go to town and see what we can see.” A soft grown escaping his lips as they closed about his teeth and he shook his head at the unintended rhyme. “Now you even have me doing it.” Arff admitted with his teeth grinding in his skull to keep from continuing as he strode through the now naked field, cutting a path through the floating pods as he picked up his pack and slung it over his shoulder with such quietness and ease that it would seem almost as though the pack were full of feathers, when it truth it was a rather dangerous opposite. “We should leave this scene before others start viewing it… Grrrr…”

It was at that moment as the Kobald began to lead his party toward the Elven Empire that this might be his most difficult task to date.

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PostSubject: Re: Towards New Endeavors   Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:52 pm

"Yes, yes, yes.... I love the way you rhyme. So skillful, so easy, with well metered time." She zipped up to his shoulder and patted his scaley head with a happy nod. "You're quite the poet, though you didn't know it. You're better than the man at the top of his game... Suess, of Theo-type by name. Long ago when I was old, I read a story he once told. A cat, a hat a fish in the rain. But the sneetches, oh those devils.... They caused the Lorax some pain." She sat on his shoulder with her legs daintily crossed and continued to ramble on with barely a pause long enough to draw breath.

"You know, dear Arff, I've had a dream. It was fantastical and special like pistachio ice cream." She nodded happily as she rode her massive mount, her familiar bounding lazily behind them, her eyes darting to and fro looking for some tasty morsel to zip past her sticky, cavernous maw."So, in my dream, I held the blade. The sword that ended the king's first maid. Oh she was beautiful to all who saw. But I lopped off her head just below the jaw. With a snicker-snack like Carrol once said, i made my judgement and OFF WITH HER HEAD!" She grinned brightly as she feigned the motion of decapitation with an imaginary sword in her teeny hands.

"Her hair was stark white, like the driven snow. Oh, but she was a trollop if you mean what I know. She'd cuddle up to every Harry, Dick and Bob. And, from what I heard she could really gobble a knob. She was a stupid hoe but not a garden trow. In fact, for some reason I think she was......" She squealed loudly as the gates rose fully before them. Simply put, they were huge. Bigger than anything she had ever seen. And they were so beautiful.

"Arff, by the gods, who could dream of such stuff. Surely not elves, they haven't brains enough. No, I feel this must have been made by human hands. The great big ones that control all the lands. The humans who bring forth life with the stroke of one key. The ones who created the you and the me." To say Nettle was a strange little pixie was an understatement. But, some of the greatest minds were first called lunatics before they were called genius.
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PostSubject: Re: Towards New Endeavors   Thu Jul 19, 2012 6:53 pm

Normally any who were to pat the small Kobald atop his head would lose a hand or find themselves dead in their sleep, yet somehow when little Nettle did it, he didn't mind it in the least even as she sat upon his shoulder gabbering away in her usual pixie gibberish. Ranting and raving in rhyme of Suesses, cats, fishes, and hats. And what in the nine hells were Sneeches and Loraxes? Arff knew a Sneetch in the past, but that kobald was long since dead and buried.

He kept his smile however and let her rant on, looking at her from the side, a side long glance that caught the diminutive pixie crossing her legs with an innocent elegance as she spoke of her dreams in length. The path was wide and growing wider as they drew closer to the large gates of the Elven Empire. His smile growing all the wider at her depiction of beheading her victim. "You know many say that ones dreamses hold magics within them." He yipped softly. "Saying that some hold the future and others a past. Perhaps yers is soon to take fruit?" In truth, the little Kobald had yet to tell the pixie of the true nature of there being within the Empire of Elves, but either way he could tell she was already up for the task.

He couldn't help but to wince at the shrill squeal of the pixie as the gates grew larger and larger than life, for they seemed bigger than a frost Giant, or so he assumed as he had never actually come face to toe with a frost Giant, but so he had been told. Secretly, the little Kobald hoped to one day be tasked out to take down a Frost Giant, what a glorious kill that would be.
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PostSubject: Re: Towards New Endeavors   

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Towards New Endeavors
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