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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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Meledere Carnisor
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Age : 35
Location : pa
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Registration date : 2012-01-23

Character Information
Weapons and Armor (a general list please):

PostSubject: meledere   Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:28 pm

Basics ~
Name: meledere
Age: 220
Gender: Female
Class: Hunter
Race: Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5'3
Eyes: amethyst
Hair Color: burgundy
Hair Style:
Complexion: pale, flawless
Build: thin and fragile looking
Scars: one small scar under her right eye, only can be seen up close.

~ Personal ~
Weapons: 2 very large swords that rest at her side, she also has on hidden along her thigh.
Clothing: a poorly stitched leather robe with patches of brown and black, a leather mask covering her mouth as well.
Important Items: a heart shaped locket she keeps around her neck at all times.
Dialects Spoken:

~ Self ~
Fear: spiders
Dislike: normally doesn't give anyone or thing a chance, only expecting failure
Like: wandering alone
Quirks; is a really random person anything as simple as a hi could make her angry
Flaws: when nervious or upset she picks at her nails.

~ Family ~
Soul Siblings:
Life mates:
Other Relatives:

~ History ~
Skills: she is very skilled with her blades and keeps them close to her at all times, if she doesn't want to be found or doesn't want anyone to know she is around she can disapear as quickly as she came.
Personality: she is very calm and quiet, she watches her surroundings constantly taking everything in. unsure of how to react when approched, she has moods swings often and is known to take things to serious.
Characterís History:

~ Bond ~

~ Pets ~

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