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The only limit, is the breadth of your imagination.
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 The Lord of the Planar Nexus

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High Lord of Tai'mira
High Lord of Tai'mira

Number of posts : 138
Age : 30
Location : Beyond the reach of mortal kin. Outside of time's outstretched hand dwelling there within. The realm to which all planes seek to enter in.
Reputation : 5
Points : 151
Registration date : 2012-01-22

PostSubject: The Lord of the Planar Nexus   Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:17 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: Thasrissian
Alias: Locke Desmoste (Tai'miran High Elf Form)
Age: Ancient Elder
Gender: Male
Class: Planeswalker(Powerful Magic Wielder)/Templar of Tai'mir(Paladin-Like)
Race: Dragon(Gray)
Alignment: Lawful Good

~ Appearance ~
Dragon Form-
Height: 130 ft(Colossal), Often subject to temporary change on a whim.
Eyes: Usually glowing silver or white, can vary with mood or action.
Hair Color: N/A
Hair Style: N/A
Complexion: Scaled, Varying shades of gray. The scales seem to shift in shades ever so slightly when observed long enough.
Build: Muscular and strong. Likely normal for a dragon of his size.
Scars: None

Elven Form-
Height: 6' 3"
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Shoulder Length, unbound.
Complexion: Light peach tone, fair
Build: Strong warrior type build.
Scars: None

~ Personal ~
Weapons: Tai'mir Ser'arcal, Great-sword of the Tai'miran Highlord. Tai'miran swords are made from exceptionally fine Arcanirnite Steel and in the case Thasrissian's great-sword it has been further refined with Temporium metal giving it an edge which seems as though it is cutting through time itself when swung and it has been polished and sharpened with diamond coated tools. There are several Mana crystals inlaid into the blade's hilt and what seems to be a large randomly hue changing gem makes up the pommel. The blade itself seems to be a silver color with an inner glow to the metal. A closer look at the blade reveals an almost fire like white aura around it.

Black overcoat with epaulets, Tai'miran Royal insignia is also on the coat. Formal white shirt, Black dress pants with a band down the sides in the royal colors, Black dress shoes. (Elven Form)
Tai'miran Royal court full plate: Gold and Green color scheme with blue accenting, made from Arcanirnite Steel and refined with Temporium.
Templar of Tai'mir Ceremonial Armor: Highly polished silver arcanirnite steel accented with gold banding and refined with Temporium.
Important Items: Tai'mir Ser'arcal

Temporal: All facets of this school are innately available to Thasrissian due to his nature. This school is the obscure art of Time itself. The entirety of its secrets are known to him and closely guarded lest the strands of time be unwoven and the hourglass shattered.

Elemental: Thasrissian is well versed in this school of magic and is considered by many to be a master of it. This school is the art of channeling the powerful elements of fire, air, water, and earth. This mastery over the elemental forces seems to be the result of his years among the Tai'mirans and their school of magical arts before becoming the Highlord of the Tai'miran Sovereignty.

Restoration:Given Thasrissian's reverence towards Tai'mir the divine patron of the Tai'mirans whom is the head of their pantheon of divines, he is able to call on the restorative powers of Tai'mir's Light. These very powers also allow him to rebuke the unholy and mend others even to the degree of reviving them from death. He is able to mend himself to a degree though not as well as he can others.

Alteration: Given Thasrissian's nature he is able to make use of this school of magic innately.
This school deals with the changing of objects into other objects or changing their properties.

Illusion: Thasrissian is able to make use of this school of magick innately though compared to the other schools his mastery over illusion magic is passable at best(When compared with other beings of similar strength such as other dragons and demi-god beings). However he has the innate passive ability to see through illusions given his nature(True sight) this trait however hinders his ability to utilize illusions to any grand degree.

Innate Abilities-
Stasis Breath(Dragon):Causes those caught in the breath to remain temporarily frozen in time. This breath attack bypasses the normal rules for magical effects and spell casting and is treated as an avoidable but non-counterable area effect that persists until the breath completely disperses.
Cloudwalk(Dragon): Allows Thasrissian to enchant clouds under his feet to make them solid for walking upon. This ability is shared by most dragons and is not exclusive to him.
Formshift(All Forms): Thasrissian is capable of shifting between his forms at will but will revert to his dragon form when his shifting ability is hindered somehow.
Planeshift(All Forms): Allows Thasrissian to traverse the known planes of existence at will when his ability to cast magic is not hindered.
Dark-vision(All Forms): Thasrissian can see in the dark as well as in light and his sight is not hindered by transitioning between either.
Spacial Alteration(All forms): The dragon is capable of altering the environment around him to suit his particular whims. Mainly changes which alter the size of a room in some manner or change the properties of the room. This ability seems to trigger without conscious effort involved the majority of the time however such is not always the case.

Passive Abilities-
Greater Temporal Attunement(All Forms): Thasrissian is innately able to use Temporal magics and he is constantly immune to changes in the ebb and flow of time and is not effected by temporal magic other then his own cast powers.
True sight(All forms): Thasrissian can see things for what they are given his innate sense of what is and isn't real. Illusions are powerless in his presence. This also seems to make it much more difficult for Thasrissian to make use of Illusion magic to any great degree.
Alteration Attunement(All forms): Allows for the innate ability to use Alteration magic.
Partial Illusion Attunement(All forms): Allows for limited innate ability to use Illusion magic.

Special Ability-
Shadow meld(Dragon,Elven): Shadow meld is the ability to blend in with the shadows until the user's presence is difficult to detect. Thasrissian's gray scales while in his dragon form make his shadow meld ability even more difficult to see through due to coloration. This allows him to blend in even with his colossal height. He is able to move while shadow melded however the effect of the meld diminishes the faster he moves. Visually this will appear as a blurred area in someone's vision which varies with movement. When he is not moving at all the visual distortion is nearly non-existent and only the most keenly perceptive will be able to pick it out from the background.

Dialects Spoken: Most Elven dialects, Several Draconic dialects, Common tongue, Some obscure languages used in spell casting.

~ Self ~
Fear: While Thas doesn't really have any true fears he is concerned with the pointless loss of life and hopes to not deal with such events. Such events sadden him to a degree.
Dislike: Needless loss of life, followers/beings of evil, harmful/vengeful undead.
Like: Peaceful places, sanctuaries.
Quirks: Thasrissian is somewhat eccentric given his nature or at least he would appear to be so to others.
Flaws: Rare tendency to go into too much detail. Usually bores people to sleep when that happens.

~ Family ~
Mother: Serarissa(Deceased)
Father: Andarissian(Deceased)
Brothers: Unknown, possible that some survived the downfall of his people and escaped the corruption that came with it. If any are still living they've yet to reveal themselves to him.
Sisters: Tasharissa(Younger than Thasrissian, survived the downfall of their people and escaped the corruption that came with it by hiding within the time stream until recently.)
Soul Siblings: None known of.
Life mates: None currently.
Recognized: None.
Children: None currently.
Other Relatives: None known of at the present.

~ History ~
Skills: Enchanting, Smithing, Wood crafting.
Personality: Thasrissian is a friendly sort, loving peace more then war but he is vigilant and will loyally defend his friends and anyone in need of protection. He favors a bit of sophistication in life though he strives towards a balance between it and simplicity.

Character's History: The Planar Nexus as it is now was formed by Thasrissian's influence even before he broke free of the shell from which he was born. The very nature of the realm is for most intents and purposes his to command as it was created by his pre-birth need for safety. So far it appears he is the only one of his kind left in existence to his knowledge though there are possible remnants of his kind. A pact was made recently with a group of those capable of traversing the planes of existence, one which would allow any capable person to use the "Nexus" as a stepping stone to another plane.

Thasrissian agreed with this hoping it would provide him answers to many of the questions he has.
He has been searching through the multi-verse between the arrival of travelers to his realm for those answers.
Thasrissian has gone by many names and been seen in various different forms over the years. For a long time he was known as Locke Desmoste, a Tai'miran High Elf of great ability and power.

No one ever knew his true identity in those years. Eventually he came to rule over Tai'mira(Tay-Mirror-Uh) as its Highlord for several centuries until it was visited with destruction from the dark forces within the Multi-verse.
After years of reclaiming the land and rebuilding the surrounding villages, Tai'mira was once again visited with destruction however it was saved through the intervention of the divine powers though displaced through time and space.

Only recently has Tai'mira been discovered, having finally appeared within the Planar Nexus intact with its people still alive. Thasrissian allows the people whom he had grown to care for in years prior to continue a life within his realm and remains their Highlord even with the knowledge of his true self known to them.

They still refer to him as Locke Desmoste when he is among them and consider him their Highlord still, though the dragon has made that more of a formality in recent years. In the present time Thasrissian maintains Tallendon as a sort of vassal kingdom to Tai'mira that is still governed by the Carnisor line as it has been for several generations to the present day and for the most part the Empire of Tallendon remains much the same as it always has been. The gray dragon's motives behind this seem to have been one which would provide Tallendon the protection of Tai'mira's strength and other benefits while ensuring that the line of Tallendon's rulers would remain concerned for the welfare of their people. The details of this arrangement are only ever known to him and the current ruler of the empire.

More recently Thasrissian has discovered that one of his siblings is still living his younger sister Tasharissia. Given this discovery he believes it is possible that others of his kind might have escaped the corruption that overtook the majority of his people. With such belief he searches for them when his attention can be afforded to such from his other obligations.

~ Bond ~
Name: N/A
Species: --
Gender: --
Age: --
Personality: --

~ Pets ~
Name: N/A
Species: --
Gender: --
Age: --
Personality: --

Thasrissian, Lord of the Planar Nexus

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High Lord of Tai'mira
High Lord of Tai'mira

Number of posts : 138
Age : 30
Location : Beyond the reach of mortal kin. Outside of time's outstretched hand dwelling there within. The realm to which all planes seek to enter in.
Reputation : 5
Points : 151
Registration date : 2012-01-22

PostSubject: Re: The Lord of the Planar Nexus   Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:17 pm

~Additional Reference Information~

Important Non-Mundane Artifacts:

The Dragon's Crystalia- A large faceted crystalline object that acts as a local focus for the ebb and flow of magical energies. This artifact allows those capable of wielding magic to draw on a greater degree of power then they would normally be able to do. Its applications are only limited by the creativity and skill of the wielder. The crystalia is bound to Thasrissian's spirit and will return to him when called. It is often lent to those whom the dragon trusts to not misuse the nigh limitless power provided by this gift. The artifact is able to shift in size when required to make it easier to carry. Typically this object can be seen attached to the dragon's greatsword when he is in his dragon form.

Frequently Used Items/Equipment:

Skyship Tai'mir's Herald- Royal Tai'miran Skyship and personal Flagship of Thasrissian. It is a battleship equivalent ship of the line. This skyship is capable of traversing large distances, worlds, and planes of existance by opening a dimensional gate in front of itself. It is armed with three sets of turret bound bombardment cannons on the top deck, three additional bombardment cannon turrets on the underside, and a powerful main cannon running through the spine of the ship.

The hull is reinforced with arcanirnite plating inscribed with arcane symbols used to regulate the effect of gravity around the ship. A magical focus similar to the artifact Thasrissian wields is used to power the ship and hold it aloft. It will continue to function even when entering fields that would normally hinder magic though to a diminished degree forcing the ship to remain stationary until the anti-magic effect is neutralized. Several hatches on the underside can be seen and will open to release a payload of arcano-mechanical dragon constructs. These constructs are non-sentient and will simply seek out enemy combatants for Thasrissian when they are deployed. The constructs are armed with prismatic lance crystals which fire radiant beams of searing light at their targets out of range of their physical attacks.

Thasrissian, Lord of the Planar Nexus
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The Lord of the Planar Nexus
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