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 Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok

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PostSubject: Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok   Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:59 pm

On the beach, the figure of a man could be seen standing. Bare from the waist up, he sighs lightly. The twin broadswords that he had always used were nowhere in sight, as was his great sword. It had hurt him much to have returned to Tallendon, though he knew he wouldn't have been able to live in Port Hayven or Por Kar for the rest of his life. In Port Kar, he had left nearly ten women who cared for him and his home. Each of them were devoted to his pleasure. He has his dark royal-blue eyes closed as he stands there, thinking about them.

"I should have brought them with me..."

Three flashes of lightning nearly hit him as he stands there to reveal his weapons, which includes a longbow. Two or three more, these ones larger than the first three, reveal the figures of ten women. These women all wear collars around their necks, and all are asleep. He feels the discharge of the lightning and opens his eyes to see his weapons, and further his women. He smiles and pounds his right fist against his chest.

"I thank you, Priest-Kings, for your kindness."

He sheaths his weapons, then walks to each of the women and gently kicks them awake. Each awake to see him and immediately kneel with their knees together and their palms on their thighs.

"Taisie, Gem, Nia, Star, Lanni, Lia, Tula, Helen, Ruby, and Dina on your feet. We go to my home here. You will all keep my home clean, and you will be given time to rest. Come."

With that said, he turns away from the women and starts walking away. Each of the women jump to their feet and follow him quickly, speaking in a language that only he recognizes. He waves Gem and Star up to his side, who both comply immediately and he wraps his arms around them and continues to walk.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok   Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:02 am

With the ten women in tow, he walks along the beach quietly. His weapons are in their places, though he speaks to them all in the traditional Gorean language. Several minutes pass as they come to the end of the beach, close to the cabins. Looking at them, Jaden smiles and leads the women to his cabin and lets them explore it. After several minutes, he growls a little and the women all rush to kneel in two lines before him.

"I'm pleased that the Priest-Kings brought you here, girls."

He smiles and holds his arms out.

"To my arms, girls.

As he says this, all of the girls jump to their feet and rush to his arms. He hugs them all gently, and kisses them all.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok   Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:43 pm

Smiling as each of his girls hug him, he keeps his eyes on Gem and Star. The two of them are his preferred companions on any journey. He sighs and hugs the two of them at the same time, then looks at the others.

"As you may know, this is not Gor. This is another world, where there are no kajira. If you wish to continue to serve my pleasure, then you may do so. If not, then I'll release you all."

With that said, he takes a seat on one of the couches within his cabin and looks at them. Five approach him, hesitating with each step. He looks at them and tilts his head a little.

"Lia, Tula, Dani, Dina and Helen, do you wish your freedom?"

Each of the five girls nods slowly. Smiling, he takes five keys from a pouch then stands.

"Kneel please."

As the girls kneel, he walks around them and unlocks the collars and takes them off. Smiling as he does, a bag of clothing appears next to each of them.

"You are free to go find what ever life may bring you, then."

With that said, he walks toward his room as they put new clothes on and leave his home. Gem and Star follow him into his room, where he had walked to. They press themselves against him gently, wordlessly begging him to use them for his pleasure. Nia, Taisie and Lanni go about setting his home in order quickly after he leaves the room, smiling happily as they do.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok   Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:55 pm

Using them both at the same time, he lets them rest as he walks through his home with nothing but a towel around his waist as clothing. Hearing a knock on his door, he walks to it and opens it to see that Lia and Dina had returned. He allows them to enter, then sits in a throne-like chair to look at them. Lia approaches him first, strips, and kneels before him with her head lowered and wrists crossed above her head.

"I beg to be collared again, Master," Lia says loudly enough for him, Dina, and his five girls to hear.

He stands and looks at Dina, a collar in his hand. Locking it around her neck, he puts the key in the armrest of his chair.

"Go to my room, and lay upon the bed there, Lia," he says to her.

Jumping to her feet, she rushes to his room as Dina does what she had done just moments before. With a collar around her neck, she rushes to his room as well. Following Dina, he enters his room.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok   Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:05 am

An hour passes and he leaves the room, both women following him quietly. As he jumps over the rail to land on the lower floor lightly, another knock sounds on his door. Opening it, he looks around and notices a note on the door. Grabbing it, he reads the note and nods a couple of times. He looks up to see Helen and Lia walking back to the cabin. Leaving the door open for them, he walks to his chair and sits in it calmly to wait for them to enter and kneel before him, if they do.
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PostSubject: Re: Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok   Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:50 am

Several years pass with Jaden and the ten companions that he had. Each of them help the others with their chores and with keeping him happy. On one particular day, Jaden leaves his home and returns to find that two- Helen and Lanni- are missing. He had already stayed in Tallendon for much longer than he had wanted to, but he had grown to like the life there. No one had tried stealing any of the women, and none of the women had tried to escape or run away. He had received another gift, a creature from Gor that looks like a cross between a six-legged alligator and a bear called a sleen. He checked each room within his cabin to find that each of the other girls were there, either cleaning or resting. He checked the small gym that he had built, though why Helen or Lanni would be in there escaped his mind. The only ones allowed in there were Gem and Star, and only when he was either away or asleep.

"Of all the damn days they choose to leave, it had to be today..."

Sighing lightly, he turned to walk to the porch and sit on it. He folded his arms as Gem walked to him and sat in his lap gently, her arms wrapped around his neck. She kissed him and looked into his eyes.

"Something troubles you, my Master..."

Shaking his head, he pulled her closer and sighed lightly.

"Nothing I haven't dealt with before, Lanni. I appreciate your concern, though."
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PostSubject: Re: Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok   

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Jagermiester, Hellbringer and the Ragnarok
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