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 Remus-A former body guard

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PostSubject: Remus-A former body guard   Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:41 pm

~ Basics ~
Name: Remus Vondrack
Age: Twenty
Gender: Male
Class: Former Royal Body Guard
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good

~ Appearance ~
Height: Six Foot
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Red, almost Black
Hair Style: Wild/Unkept
Complexion: Fair
Build: Average
Scars: None

~ Personal ~
Akumachi: Akumachi roughly translates into “Demon’s blood”. Akumachi is a four foot long spear that can be extended to nine feet in length. The handle that makes up 90% of the spear is dark red in color that almost resembles the color of blood. The material that makes of the handle is unknown but has shown to have some form of magic resistance to it[roughly 80%], along with that it can stand assault against other weapons. Before given details on the spear, there was one thing about that handle that should be known. By redirecting the energy that is admitted from the spear, the user can cause the spear to protrude from the opposite side. Now on to the spear...the spear is seem to bare the same properties as the handle. The spear is made out of some metallic material that can pierce through non-chanted material with ease without needing to focus the energy through it. The spear is shaped like an arrow head, allowing for clean puncture wounds. The spear itself has a rather large energy source, the user use.

Akumachi’s Abilities:
Lightning Dominance– The main ability of Akumachi is the spear’s ability to manipulate and create lightning. Though the latter uses the spear’s energy and isn’t as potent as the natural lightning. When lightning is in the vicinity it will be drawn to the spear itself, like metal drawn to a magnetic. The spear itself tends to have a faint blue glow to it, when there is lightning presence. The lightning is also used to strengthen the cutting/piercing power of the spear itself.

Clothing: Remus is mostly shown wearing various forms of the outfit that, one sees
Important Items: Akumachi, and a Celtic cross that was given to him by his mother
Channellor– The main “magic” ability of the user is the ability to change the glow of magic/ki/energy and redirect it into any given redirect that he/she desires or into another object. This includes magic imbedded objects or pure energy/magic blasts. Though it is limited to kinetic/potential energy. The way this ability is utilizes is by making physical contact with the object/blast that has magic/ki/energy within it. Despite the ability being great, it gives way for another lesser known ability that the user has.
Suppressor– The ability to suppress other’s magic/ki to the point that it becomes non-existence. Unlike the channellor, the user does not need physical contact with the object, though it would be easier. Instead the user can form a three radius of this “suppressor” energy. However this ability does not work on everything, for the objects that has mind of it’s own, can ultimately break free. This ability is mainly use to hide the energy that Akumachi process.
Spell Weaving– Simple enough the user has recently been dabbing into the usage of the “energy” to form various spells. He has shown some usage in the art but haven’t mastered it yet.
Dialects Spoken:

~ Self ~
Fear: The Gods, A slight fear of Spiders
Dislike: Any injustice that is being done to children
-Quiet Place

Quirks: Slight fear of spiders
Flaws: Regrets killing a family member[His Father]

~ Family ~
Mother: Aurora Rosario
Father: Carlos Vondrack
Brothers: –
Sisters: –
Soul Siblings: –
Life mates: –
Recognized: Former Body Guard
Children: –
Other Relatives:
-Distant Cousins

~ History ~
-Basic Knowledge
-Hand to Hand
-Basic Healing[Non-magical]
Remus can easily be described as a kind hearted individual who looks for the good in everyone that he meets. He doesn’t believe no one is truly evil and for such things doesn’t exist. Some might called him “stupid” for believing this, but can one really give a clear definition of evil? They can not for evil is nothing more then what one believes to be evil...the same can be said for “good”. And this my friend is how he sees the world around him. Despite this, he will hurt those who terrorize young children for they are un able to defend themselves.

He shows high respect for females in powers and for those who ain’t in power. He believe that females should be respected no matter who they are. Doesn’t matter their background, they should all be respected. This is how Remus sees those of a female gender. Overall Remus is a loving, caring individual who has a positive out look on life.
Character’s History:

~ Bond ~

~ Pets ~
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Remus-A former body guard
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